standard Top Mobile Spy for Android Devices

mobile spy for androidAre you looking to invest in a reliable mobile spy for Android devices? Then you should definitely check out our latest product – PC Tattletale mobile spy app.

We have a successful PC spy software, and the new Android app includes many of the features from that software. In our experience, these features are what the users want most, and use the most.

Do you have a reason to feel suspicious about your spouse – whether they are being faithful and honest to you? If they are having an affair behind your back, then it is a good idea to have definite proof.  You could even find out that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

A reliable mobile spy for Android is also useful if you have kids at home. These days, almost all kids, especially teenagers, carry smartphones. As a concerned parent, you may like to keep tabs on what they do on their screens.

Top Mobile Spy for Android: PC Tattletale Features

Let us look at some of the top features that make PC Tattletale the top mobile spy for Android devices –

1) The Android app is easy to download and install, and needs no technical expertise. If you are using an Android device – a phone or tablet – you will know how easy it is to get an app from the store.

2) Our mobile spy software works on all Android devices, and a wide range of Android versions.

3) It is quiet and extremely hard to detect, so the subject of your observation never gets to know that you are following their steps.

4) It captures ALL activity on mobile. So, text messages, video chats, Skype calls, social media posts, WhatsApp chats, SnapChat shares – you miss nothing. You always get a complete picture.

5) The captured activity is in form of screenshots. The software combines them all to create videos – which you can access in a central dashboard, anytime, anywhere.

pcTattletale Free Trial Offer

As an introductory offer, we invite you to visit our website, and download PC Tattletale today. Use it free to try before you buy.