standard Text message spy (for Android and iOS)

text message spyYou don’t need to be betrayed by a partner to benefit from a text message spy app.  Individuals who want to know things about their dearest ones use these trackers. Companies that require keeping an eye on their employees and their activities often use these as well. Cautious parents use such apps to ensure the safety as well as to monitor the activities of their children in today’s dangerous world. An effective SMS tracker app runs in the background without causing any disruptions to the foreground programs. Also, an effective tracker app will keep itself hidden from suspecting eyes. There are countless apps in the market, but here are the best ones that are available right now.

Best Text Message Spy Apps:

App 1: PC Tattletale:

The best way to spy on any device is through pcTattletale. It is #1 spying and tracking app in the market. It lets you have any information you need from the targeted device. You’ll just have to make an account on and install the app on the device that needs to be monitored. If you want to see more read our article spy phone app apk download. After that, you can log in at and review it. It has simple and easy steps which is why it is possibly the best available option in the market.

App 2: M-spy:

This app has 95% satisfaction rating and packs a large number of tracking features. Moreover, this app supports all the platforms that are available on the market right now, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Macintosh. M-spy can monitor text messages manage application and provide the real-time GPS data around the clock. It also gives the photos and video log of the device. Many big businesses such as Forbes, CNN, and Fox news have praised this app.

App 3: Mobile Spy:

This app on our list has been used by over a 150,000 people since 1997 for computer spying. However, in the recent years, the company shifted its focus towards text message spy via a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription. Like all the other mobile monitoring solutions, this app lets you view call logs and SMS messages.

App 4: Spy Bubble:

This app is very simple but very effective at the same time. You can not only view the SMS messages but can also review the number of sender and receiver. If you are spying on a person through social media apps, then you can review the GPS data of both sender and receiver. However, the spy bubble app is not very well hidden and can be found easily by someone who is fairly familiar with such technologies. However, this shouldn’t be an immense problem for those businesses who want to monitor their employees, and the employees also know that the app exists on their devices.

App 5: The truth Spy:

This app stays invisible in the iPhone and sends a pdf text message dialogue to the person who is spying. This log includes sent and received messages and call logs. However, the best feature of this app is a keylogger. It lets the spy view each, and everything is written on the mobile.