standard Employee Tracking For Smart Business Owners

Employee trackingMany business owners get uncomfortable when it comes to employee tracking. Most of them feel that they are conveying a message to their employees that they don’t trust them. Similarly, maximum employees feel that by being tracked means that the company doesn’t have faith in them, however if your employees feel that they are discriminated or treated wrongly in any way they have the right to contact a workers comp law firm for legal assistance.

The problem is not that you are using a system in your organization to spy on your employees. It’s more about how you use it. This article is all about how to determine your staff activities and behavior without making them feel uncomfortable.

How to monitor employees under comfort zone? 

The simplest method to monitor employees’ activities without letting them feel uncomfortable is installation of an employee tracking app. PC Tattletale is one of the most secure apps to track your employees’ activities. You can install this app on each system or device in your office.

Here, you will read how PC Tattletale app helps you in employee tracking. You can monitor every employee’s activity easily by installing this recording app in each system in your organization. Just install this software and observe the actions of your employees remotely from any device, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Let’s discuss in detail how it helps in employee tracking:

Install PC Tattletale help you detect your employees’ performance in a professional manner. Take a look at the perfection of this application.

  • Easy to install

Installation of the PC Tattletale app on a workstation only requires a few minutes. It’s very easy to download and install on every device it doesn’t require much technical knowledge. Also, it doesn’t have any complicated settings.


  • Access recordings

To get access to recordings, sign in to You can access recordings remotely from anywhere, from any device like your smart phone, tablet, or computer.  Once you find out things like an employee has been stealing from you then you find out the best punishment.  See the article top 4 employee time theft punishments

Sign into the website and get instant access to all of your monitored devices with up-to-date minute recordings.


  • View recordings

Once this app is installed, you can review all captured activities of your employees. Watch what they are doing from anywhere – even when you are at your home, on a business trip, or somewhere else.


  • Measures productivity

The activities recorded by this app are played in form of a video. The videos display all the highlights of the day within minutes. That makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the overall employee productivity without taking much time.

The Click Count Chart is an essential and powerful monitoring tool. It helps you examine the most active and productive hours of the day of your employees in just one glance. For more on enhancing your business productivity, read this new post on Unified Threat Management.


  • Data storage

This recording app keeps the latest activities and deletes the rest one automatically. There is no infrastructure or server to store the information. So, you don’t have to worry about that.

Know more about PC Tattletale employee tracking app

To know more about PC Tattletale computer monitoring software and device recorder you can visit our official website at . Read about this employee tracking software in detail. Start keeping an eye on your staff in an inexpensive and professional way!