standard Computer Monitoring Software for Non Techies

Computer Monitoring SoftwareWe’ve been in the internet business for long enough to understand the pros and cons of this amazingly capable and equally terrifying technological marvel.  Yes, the world of technology is a double-edged sword. While one side helps us to makes our lives and our work easier, more efficient and quicker than it used to be, the other side also brings along more than just a few problems than we just can’t ignore. We know the disadvantages of internet, and we are here to make sure you are protected from them. Yes, we are pcTattletale, your trusted computer monitoring software.

The main issue with our present lives is that we just can’t accept it if something’s going wrong. Our capacity to accept the wrong and taking the corrective measure has somehow diminished in the course of last 5-10 years. We’ve got our kids hooked to internet all day, and we don’t bother to see what they are doing over there. What websites they open and what ecommerce portals they use. Not all of them are as good as we think others are. There’s pornography, there’s scamming, there’s racism, violence, all sorts of content, visual, audio, and textual that can pollute an innocent mind in a jiffy. Think about it. You need a computer monitoring software to ensure your kids’ safety.

More about computer monitoring software

Even the definition of relations has changed by a great deal in these years. No we are not going counsel you about how to make things work, we are not psychologists. We are monitoring service providers, we are not psychologists. What we do is make sure you know what’s happening behind your back, as far as using internet is concerned. Our computer monitoring software starts working for you right from the installation.

If we talk about professional lives, it’s not a new thing for employees to put the work aside to have some personal internet time during their office hours. While doing so is okay during breaks, but doing it during working hours is just on right, especially on office computers. These people have a tendency to “alt+tab” when you are around. PcTattletale, our stringent and effective computer monitoring software records all clicks and all keystrokes of the device. This makes sure you know what was happening when you were not there. Honesty is doing the right thing when nobody is watching. And we need to know the honest ones and the other kind to make a company more efficient and productive.

Now come another amazing part. We know you must have tried a lot of computer monitoring software in the past. And we also know most of them would have come across as a too technical, too complex and sometimes, just not good enough. Some monitoring software just keep saving all the activities on your local hard drive, filling it up with each click and keystroke. Before you know it, the software makes a hefty file without a lot of useful information.

How to install this computer monitoring system?

But not pcTattletale, it is an easy to install and superbly user friendly computer monitoring system. You just need to create an account on our website, install our software on a particular computer you want to monitor, and that’s it. The software will keep recording all the activities. You just need to sign in to our website to view the recordings. So simple, you don’t need to a Computer Engineer to understand how to use pcTattletale, the most efficient and user friendly computer monitoring software in the market.