standard Monitoring Computer Activity of Kids and Employees

monitor computer activityDo you want to monitor computer activity of your kids or employees that are stealing? Perhaps you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, and want to learn what they do online. Then you have come to the right place – we will show you an easy way how you can do this.

Why Monitor Computer Activity?

If you have kids at home, you will surely understand they are very vulnerable online. There are plenty of bad people out on the internet – predators, abusers, trolls, bullies – that can exploit your kids online.  There apps that specialize in this and you can ready my TruthSpy Review to find out more.


For business owners and managers, monitoring PC usage is very important. Are your employees being productive or are your employees leaking information when they sit down on their workstations? Is a wayward employee trying to leak sensitive company data, or selling it to competitors? Are your employees surfing job search portals or social networking sites when they should be working?

The best way to answer these question is by monitoring computer activity. The easiest and cheapest way to monitor computer activity is by using a keylogger software like PC Tattletale.

PC Tattletale: Main Features

PC Tattletale is loaded with a number of advanced features that make it a keylogger software of choice. Let us have a look at some of them:

  • Easy to download, and easy to install. No technical skills needed, just point and click.
  • Completely invisible – so the subject does not get suspicious, and cannot change their behavior to escape your surveillance.
  • Can be used to monitor employees and prove things employee time theft for punishments
  • It can capture information that the browsers remember, and therefore, does not need keyboard to enter. This can beat most keylogging programs, but PC Tattletale can catch even this.
  • The software captures frequent screenshots, and then combines them into a video. This create a more accurate and comprehensive picture of PC usage.
  • You can monitor all PC activity in a dashboard. You can access the dashboard on your smartphone, or tablet, or on a PC.

Try PC Tattletale for Free

As you can see, if you want to monitor computer activity, PC Tattletale offers a great solution. Download it today, and see for yourself. It is free to download, and try it out before you buy.