standard Employee Computer Monitoring Software Facts to Know

employee computer monitoring softwareAn employee computer monitoring software allows a business owner to monitor and observe an employee’s activity during office hours. A business owner can monitor his staff by installing this app on computers and handheld devices at the workplace.

All you need is simply install the  employee monitor software on all the workstations in your office and start recording everything your employees are doing. And, the best part is that you can do real-time. Therefore, stop guessing and know what they are exactly up to by putting employee computer monitoring system into their workplace.



Facts about employee computer monitoring software you must know –

  • The software allows you to monitor their browsing history including applications history, conversations and what websites they’re visiting.
  • Everything your employees perform is recorded in a video-like format for you to view.
  • Every recorded activity can be see at any time and from any device.
  • It only keeps recent activities and delete the rest ones.
  • Helps restrict internet usage by discouraging unnecessary browsing activities.
  • Make it easy for you to monitor your staff activities, no matter where you are.
  • Track activities of multiple devices from just one account.
  • Eventually helps in enhancing employee productivity

In short, employee computer monitoring software can monitor all computer activities easily and help you to improve productivity.

PC Tattletale: A great employee computer monitoring software

The PCTattletale is an employee activity recorder software that is specially designed to identify the activities performed on computers and other devices. Also, its features and reliability make it a perfect fit for any organization or business.

Therefore, when it comes to employee monitoring, you can depend on this app completely. There is no doubt that PC Tattletale is a great employee computer monitoring software. Once installed on a desktop, it starts recording every single click and displays it later in a short video format. The app records every click, tap, and keystrokes. You can use it to view recordings remotely in a video like format.


Additionally, you don’t need any device rooting in windows or jail-breaking in Android devices to use this app.

  • Protection of client, employee, and confidential information
  • Easy to download and install
  • prevent employee time theft
  • Lightweight software but offer full performance
  • Improves the level of professionalism in an organization
  • Decrease the risk of unnecessary internet data usage.

That was all about PC Tattletale. The features we’ve described above represents the accessibility of PC Tattletale and why it is the best employee computer monitoring software!

In conclusion, we would like to say that if you still have any doubt or you want to know more about this software, visit our homepage. Click here to go to our homepage directly. In this section, you’ll find everything about this employee computer monitoring software.

Now, don’t waste your time, put this software on each computer in your workstation and start tracking your staff’s computer activities right away.