standard Employee Time Theft – How To Stop And Prove It

What is Employee Time Theft

Employee time theft is when an employee claims time for hours they did not work.  Believe it or not this is most likely the most common type of theft your business experiences.  Consider the graphic below.  Look at how many businesses are effected by employee time theft and how much it costs them in lost productivity:


Employee Time Theft with pcTattletale




Common Ways That Employees Engage In Time Theft?

Employee time theft can take many forms but they all want you to pay for work the employee never performed.  You can see the most common forms of employee time theft punishments here.  Maybe your employee is working from home and goofing off.  They claim a full 8 hours of work but only briefly answer a few emails.  Another common one is “buddy punching”.  This is where one employee will “punch in” for another on the company time clock.  Their buddy punches them in early and you pay for it.  A third common form of employee time theft is fudging time sheets for time they did not work.  Adding in an hour here and there can really add up.


How to Stop Time Theft

The good news is employee time theft can be easy to stop if you have the right solution.  pcTattletale is employee monitoring software that is specifically designed to catch the dishonest employees right in the act.

You just put the pcTattletale secret recording agent on their workstation.   Then it records everything they do.  You can sit back and pop in on them all day long.  They will have no idea you are doing this.  Then you will very quickly see that they are not working.


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Check out the screen shot from pcTattletale below.  You can see what your whole staff is doing from one central location.  See people who are active and who has been away from the keys for hours.

pcTattleatle Employee Time Theft How to catch them.

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So you know they are not working.  Great.  But how do you stop the employee time theft?  The best approach is to come up with some measurable results for the employee.    It may very well be the case that they are not challenged or are bored with the job.


It will help a lot of your discuss it and have them come up with the goal.. For example:

“Bill how many support tickets can do you in day?”


“probably 25 or 30”


After you come up with the metric just hold them to the results.  For example:

“Bill.. You said you could answer 25 support tickets today.  But it looks like you only got 3.   What happened?”

Holding a quick huddle morning meeting can help a lot too.  Once your employees and you both know what is expected for that day you can give them the freedom to get it done.  What you will most likely find is the time theft goes away once the employees become more engaged with their work and have some buy in on it.



How Does a Company Prove Time Theft

Of course with pcTattletale proving time theft is easy.  But be careful.  People get defensive.  It is a far better strategy that you know it is happening and can manage it.

Since you know the employee is stealing time use the examples above to have constructive conversations to help fix the problem.  You will find that is far better than simply confronting the employee.  They will most likely leave and you will be out all their experience and have to bring in someone new.

If you bring in someone new there will certainly be many many hours of employee training.  That training takes away from other employee’s time.  You can see how a new employee can suck up all the same time your old employee was stealing.  So fixing the problem is the best solution.

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