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download a keylogger

how to download a keylogger

Are you wondering how to download a keylogger? If so the good news is it shouldn’t be very hard to download a keylogger provided you pick the right one.

When it comes to thinking about how to download a keylogger you want to pick one that is easy to get set up and installed. There are hardware keyloggers that do not need to be downloaded. The only problem with hardware keyloggers is you need to have a physical piece of equipment plugged into their computer.

If they are using an older desktop computer this might not be a problem. But what can you do if they are using a laptop computer? Hardware keyloggers just won’t work.

The same holds true for hardware keyloggers that plug into the input port of the keyboard itself. With laptops these kinds of keyloggers just won’t work.

How to Download a Keylogger:

Here is how to download a keylogger (like PC Tattletale in 3 easy steps):

  1. Head on over to the download section for the keylogger you want. PC Tattletale is a powerful keylogger you can try for free. It is easy to download too. Just head on over to download PCTattletale here.
  2. After you download your keylogger you should be able to just run the set up program. A Keylogger like PC Tattletale is very easy to install. It is no different from any other kind of software you want to put on the computer.
  3. Watch for activity. After your keylogger is downloaded and installed you just need to sit back and see what happens.

Tip: When you are looking at how to download a keylogger you need to know not all keyloggers are created equally. Some are much hard to download than others. We did a lot of work to make sure PC Tattletale is a keylogger that anyone (Yes… even my mom) can install it. You can too.

Now one think to keep in mind about keyloggers is this: We all do a lot less typing these days. Most browsers remember our passwords too.

I mean think about it. When you sign into Facebook or Google do you actually type out your password? I don’t.

For this reason they keylogger will not be able to get the passwords you are after. One tip is you can erase their browsing history. This will force them to re-enter all their passwords (with your keyloggers standing by to get them). But that might seem strange to the person you are spying on.

A better approach is to understand this. Software like PC Tattletale is a keylogger on steroids. Not only does it record every keystroke, but it also records a movie of every click.

Yes you might not be able to steal their Facebook password. But you will sure be able to see who they are chatting with on the socialmedia site. Same for YouTube, Google, you name it.

When you are thinking about downloading a keylogger don’t over complicate. Just pick good software like PC Tattletale and the whole endeavor will seem trivial. We already did all the hard work for you. Give PC Tattletale a test drive today.