standard Employee Tracking System Reveals All Activity

Employee tracking system

An employee tracking system is a way for you to track your employee’s internet usage and more.  Maybe you just want to know what your employees or staff are doing all day long.  Are they following your directions?  Or are they on Facebook all day?

In this article we will look at how pcTattletale can be the best employee tracking system for monitoring your employees work history.




Is An Employee Tracking System Legal?

Yes.  As long as you are providing the hardware (the actual computer they are working on) you have every right as an employer to see what they are doing with company property.

computer usage policy

We recommend you have a computer usage policy that every employee must sign when they are hired.  Make sure it states that you reserve the right to monitor their work activities as part part of this policy.

You can use what you find out from employee tracking system in a few ways.

Common Employee Tracking Reasons

  1. Monitor productivity, lunch breaks, overtime.
  2. Resolve client billing disputes for time worked
  3. Unexplained overtime?  They waste time all day and then claim overtime
  4. Stealing data or your customer list
  5. Build proof/evidence for termination
  6. Are they looking for another job?


Best Employee Tracking System in 2022

PcTattletale is the best employee tracking system in 2022 and we will prove to you.  Just read on.

What sets pcTattletale apart from any other solution is the nature of how it works.  Rather than give you a list of websites they went to we show you actual recordings of them working all day.


Look at the picture above.  This is what you would see with pcTattletale when you are watching your employees history.  PCTattletale makes YouTube like movies of everything they do.

Why is this so important?  Because we show you everything.  You can watch them mess around on Facebook.  You can see them NOT following the instructions you just gave them.  Having a full video answers many questions that a simple list of “websites visited” can not.

We also show a click chart right below that video.  It shows you how active your employee is throughout the day.

No clicks from noon-2:00pm?  Maybe they were in a meeting.  But maybe they took a very long smoke break.  In any case you quickly can see they were not working.

What is even more amazing is that pcTattletale records them for an entire year.


pcTattletale stores your employee’s every click for an entire year.


How A Year’s Worth of Employee Recorded Activity Helps You

Now it’s review time.  You open up pcTattletale and pick a few random days in January and see they are doing a good job.  Pick a few days in May and see something strange.  Your employee was staying late at the office. You are surprised by this and had no idea.  Looking around more you see they were at the office at 7:00pm to get a report out to an important client.

Next you move on to June and July and see large gaps of time around lunch.  You look around even more and see a pattern develop.  They are taking very long lunches.  But also see they stay late and get the job done.  You make a few notes and it helps you go over their work history intelligently with your employee during the yearly review.

Maybe an important client calls and asks why Susie billed them an extra 5 hours for the week of March 10th last year.  Wow.  That was over 2 months ago.  You open up pcTattletale and see they were working late on a last minute report the client asked for.  You remind the client about this report.  The admit they forgot about that and apologize for questioning the extra hours billed to them.  It is a great solution for people who are non techies.

So as you can see having a year’s worth of recordings can help you in a lot of ways.

Employee Tracking System For Your Entire Staff

PcTattletale lets you track your entire staff from one place.  Just pick your worker’s name from the list and you have access to everything they did for the past year.  Since pcTattletale is a cloud based employee tracking system you can easily add as many workstations as you want.  There is no expensive or complicated servers to set up.  It just works.

PcTattletale runs invisibly on their workstation.  They will not be able to see it.  It does not appear in the task manager, add/remove programs, desktop or anywhere else.  This gives you the ability to either tell your employees (through a computer usage policy) that you are watching them.  Or if you believe there is a problem you can spy on them.  It’s completely up to you.

Employee Tracking System That Is Secure

Everyone worries about their data being stolen.  With pcTattletale we secure all our data in two ways.

In flight data (data moving from their workstation to the cloud) is secured with the latest SSL   technology.  Hackers will not be able to see what is being sent.  Plus since the “data” is in a video like format it is harder for a hacker to steal their network login password or a list of your best customers and their phone numbers.  The nature of how pcTattletale is designed helps it be more secure.

At rest data (data stored in the cloud) is also secured.  Once your data is in the cloud we use a combination of keys and AES  encryption to protect it.  Look at the short sentence below.  See how you can read it:

Here is some data that a hacker would love to get

Once we encrypt it with AES Encryption it looks like this:


If an attacker was able to get your data it won’t do them any good.  They need the secret AES key to decrypt it.

Try pcTattletale Free

If you have been thinking of tracking your staff give pcTattletale a try.  Just make an account using the pcTattletale free download page.  We recommend setting up a free account and putting it on your own workstation for a day or two.  That way you can see how it works.  You will probably be surprised at how easy it is for you to install and get setup.  If you are looking for a way to watch your staff and know exactly what they do then pcTattletale is perfect for you.