standard Monitoring Software for Concerned Parents

monitoring softwareNowadays the internet has become a threat to children’s safety.  It is the parents’ responsibility to protect them. Children are captivated by the internet world. Unfortunately, most of them are exposed to inappropriate information and materials which may not be suitable for their age and experience.

Kids can also disclose sensitive information to a dodgy stalker without the parents knowing. These online stalkers use the internet to lure children into their controls. This makes it critical for parents to utilize monitoring software to check the computer activity of their children.

You can use an internet monitoring software to track your children’s computer activity without them knowing. If they know you are watching them they may reserve such activity until they know you are not watching them. They would rather use a computer at a friend’s house.

When you install a monitoring software on your computer at home or on your children’s computer you will be aware of everything they do.  You will see every website they visit, emails received and sent, pictures uploaded on Facebook, and chat conversations.

The Best Monitoring software for Parents – PC Tattletale

You can use PC Tattletale to record all computer activity at home. The software runs hidden in the background.  It cannot be detected by the user. This software allows you to track emails, instant messages, chats, web sites visited, games played, videos watched, applications used, and just about anything they do. With PC Tattletale you can watch the computer activity recorded via a playback video. Simply select a day to view and press play.  You can watch any time-interval you select. The playback video can be accessed remotely even from your smartphone.

PC Tattletale is a powerful tool that allows you monitor one computer with several logins.  You can also monitor multiple computers and devices. Know exactly what each user was doing on the computer.

Get PC Tattletale today.  It is the best monitoring software on the market. Stop worrying about what your children are doing on the computer when you are not there. Download and try PC Tattletale, try it free today.