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Are you looking for SpyBubble by hoverwatch?  Wondering what happened to it or why you can not buy it anymore?  In this article I do a spybubble review and tell you all about the app.  If you do not want to read my spybubble review you can always watch the YouTube video above.

SpyBubble Review – What Happened?

When I first started doing my spybubble review I went to Google and searched “spybubble“.  If you do this a few sites will come up.  They have lots of information about Spy Bubble.  But what you will find out is if you try to buy or sign up for a free trial you are not on Spy Bubble’s website anymore.

Check out your browser URL bar:


I noticed this right away.  Why do I keep ending up on other spy app websites and not SpyBubble’s?  Do these other spy apps even do the same thing as SpyBubble?  Honestly the whole thing was just confusing.


What I eventually found out was that SpyBubble got into some legal trouble a few years back.  There were many people on the internet reselling SpyBubble for a commission.  Rather than take their site down these re-sellers simply pointed their “buy now” links to a different spy app they could get paid from.


After doing a little more research I found out that the makers of SpyBubble changed its name to “Hover Watch”.  So SpyBubble is now called HoverWatch.

SpyBubble Review for iPhone

I could not find anything saying SpyBubble or HoverWatch works for iPhone.  Maybe it did at one time but Apple has gotten a lot more secure recently.  You can read about my decision to stop supporting  iPhone for pcTattletale.  As of this writing I can not find anyone on the market that has a good working solution for iPhone spying.  It is not surprising that SpyBubble does not support it either.


Is SpyBubble Detectable?

SpyBubble works a lot like my spy app pcTattletale.  Both apps are very hard to find.  If you are good with Computers or really know your way around an Android phone you can find both.  But what you should know is as long as they can not see the app working they will not go “looking for it”.  Both SpyBubble and pcTattletale use different app names to make them hard to Find.  If you are thinking of getting SpyBubble (HoverWatch) then you should know it is fairly well hidden and they will not be able to easily find it.


What does SpyBubble cost?

I did some price checking on what I think is SpyBubble’s main website.  Of course you can end up on a SpyBubble reseller  website and see completely different prices to something that is not even SpyBubble anymore.  So be careful.  Here are their prices:

spybubble review pricing

SpyBubble charges on Monthly subscriptions which add up fast.  If you really only need to watch them for a month then it is not such a bad deal.  But if you forget to cancel SpyBubble it could end up costing you $300 per year just to monitor just one device.  I usually set an alert on my phone to cancel subscriptions like these.

TIP:  With SpyBubble’s high prices make sure to cancel as soon as you are done finding out what you need.


pcTattletale a Better Alternative Than SpyBubble?

If you are looking for a better alternative to SpyBubble why not give pcTattletale a try?  You can read more reviews from pcTattleatle to see what the app is really like.

Get Free Trial Here

pcTattletale works a little differently from SpyBubble.  SpyBubble will list out calls and text messages.  This is great but it only does this for a handful of apps.

spybubble review screen shot

What happens when they are using an app that SpyBubble does not support?  You miss all that activity.  It is why pcTattletale is one of the best monitoring software apps for Windows 10.

Plus every time Facebook messenger updates their app it will break SpyBubble.  You will have to get your hands on their phone again and again to keep updating the SpyBubble app.  Or it will stop working.

pcTattletale’s approach

pcTattletale makes a video of everything they do on their screen.  It is different from SpyBubble. It is another reason why it is a great remote keylogger.  Did they just download that new social media app to chat with their ex?  You will see it with pcTattletale.

pcTattletale customers love how it is the only app that lets you see everything they do as they do it.  You can even watch them in realtime live mode.


Watch them sign into Facebook and chat with their friends.

Watch them use SnapChat and “think” the messages were deleted forever.  But now with the pcTattleatle Spy Tracker app.

Android Realtime Remote Spying App


With pcTattletale is does not matter what new app they use.  You will see them use it.  Plus you do not have to update the app nearly as often as SpyBubble.


pcTattletale Includes a Cell Phone Tracker

With pcTattletale you can watch them move around town. This a big improvement over older spy apps like Spectorsoft.  As soon as the phones moves more than 30 feet you will know with pcTattletale.

spybubble review GPS Tracking features


pcTattletale is more affordable than SpyBubble too.

SpyBubble will end us costing you almost $300 per year to monitor 1 device.  pcTattletale lets you monitor any 3 devices for just $99.

Spybubble Review Conclusion

If you are looking for this SpyBubble Review because you heard it was a good spy app just know it has changed its name to HoverWatch.  It is an expensive app that will need to be updated regularly to stay current.  But if you need things like Text Message is history it can be a good choice.  pcTattletale is a better alternative at only 1/3 the price.  Try it free by clicking the button below:


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