standard SpectorSoft Alternative for Spy Software and Keylogging

SpectorSoftAre you looking for SpectorSoft alternatives for computer spying and keylogging? You should consider PC Tattletale – a PC monitoring software that has loads of features, is more affordable, is much easier to install and use, and, most importantly, it actually works.

Some Spectorsoft products were highly acclaimed – like Spector 360 (business users, only) and Eblaster (discontinued). This software is expensive, causes computer lag and is a nightmare to install and use.

PC Tattletale- the Spectorsoft Alternative

You should consider PC Tattletale – a PC monitoring software that has loads of features, and is very affordable too.

With PC Tattletale, you can choose from different uses – family, small office, and business. In all cases, the installation process is very simple and non-technical – anyone can do it.  There are other spy apps on the market like Spy Bubble but they have drawbacks too.

Once installed, PC Tattletale is completely undetectable.

Spectorsoft has changed their name and no longer makes most of the products people loved.  We have talked about Spectosoft’s SpectorPro in other blog posts.

Simply put, PC Tattletale captures the keystrokes and creates a video review of the usage. The exclusive video playback feature allows you to quickly review the activity of user. You can easily look at past days activity, during any specific hours of use, with the PC Tattletale activity viewer. You can review all monitored computers and devices from one convenient dashboard.

Use the PC Tattletale activity viewer to monitor from a computer, laptop, tablet or even from your smartphone- from anywhere in the world!  This is similiar to what Spectorsoft was trying to do with Spectorsoft Eblaster but that app sent you email messages and not a full web-based viewing control panel.

Interested? You can download PC Tattletale for FREE, and use it for a week before committing for full use.