standard Keystroke Tracking: How it Really Works

keystroke trackingWhen it comes to spying on a computer, keystroke tracking is one of the leading ways to do it. In this article, we will learn about keystroke tracking, and how it really works.

Keystroke tracking is recording or capturing the strokes on a keyboard to monitor a user. Since the early days of personal computing, the keyboard is one of the main ways to input information. The idea is that capturing keystrokes will give a complete picture of the information entered.

Hardware-based keystroke tracking

Hardware-based keystroke tracking involves using a piece of hardware, a peripheral equipment or accessory, to capture keystrokes. The only condition is – the equipment must be installed somewhere between the keyboard and the PC.
< The problem with hardware-based keyloggers is that the user can easily detect them. 

Software-based keystroke tracking

Software-based keystroke tracking is a more sophisticated, modern approach to keyboard tracking. This consists of software that installs on the PC, then tracks the keystrokes and compiles a report with the input text.

Software-based keyloggers are the better solution. see how to install a keylogger here. They reside safely behind the scenes and monitor PC activity, continuously.

With changes in technology, more advanced browsers and changing surfing habits, even software-based keystroke trackers have a revealed weakness. Most modern browsers are capable of remembering usernames, passwords, and other information frequently entered. In other words, the PC user may not need to use the keyboard to enter a lot of critical information which leads to gaps in the picture prepared by most keystroke capture software.

Fortunately, there is a way out. Advanced keystroke tracking software, PC Tattletale also has an additional feature of screen capturing. While the user is busy using the computer, PC Tattletale will capture screenshots and create a video, offering a fast, more complete picture of computer use.

That is not all. PC Tattletale can also detect the information the browser auto-enters while using the computer. No password remains hidden. No information stays secret from you!

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