standard Internet Monitoring Software That Really Works

internet-monitoring-softwareYou may need an internet monitoring software in cases when the internet is not a friendly place. Most of the time, the internet is a useful medium for connecting people. For businesses it is an important tool to boost productivity and share information quickly. It is also an important medium for education.

But sometimes the situation may take a bad turn. In such cases internet monitoring software (like TheTruthSpy App) can be an important friend for you. Let us have a look at some instances where you may need help to monitor the internet:

Risk for Kids:

Kids are increasingly accessing the internet to learn, complete their projects, and for entertainment. But they are also most vulnerable when online. For example, your kids may discover websites that expose them to bullying, abuse or exploitation. As a parent, you will need to protect them.

Monitoring the Employees:

If you are a business owner or a manager you will need to watch your employees’ activity to prevent misuse of resources. Are your employees surfing the web aimlessly on company time? Are they abusing their internet privilege by wasting costly bandwidth? Or worse, are they selling company secrets to competitors online?

Spouse Acting Funny:

An internet monitoring software may help on the personal front too. Unfortunately, the internet is one of the most likely places to encourage unfaithful behavior among partners. An unfaithful spouse may further their affair over online chats or emails. A proof such a dalliance may help you in getting a clean separation, and protect your interests too.

There are a number of tools available in the market that can help you. To use an internet monitoring software, you need to install the program on the PC of a person of interest.  That can be your kid, employee, or a spouse. The program detects keystrokes to create a picture of PC use. But this exposes you to the risk of detection.

Another challenge comes from modern browsers. You must have noticed by now how most browsers now remember a lot of usernames and passwords.  Heck you don’t even have to type anything using the keyboard. This will render most keyloggers (a form of internet monitoring software) useless.

You Need a Capable Internet Monitoring Software

PC Tattletale is an advanced internet monitoring software and keystroke logger  that gets rid of these challenges. Once installed, this program is virtually impossible to detect by the person of interest.

It also detects information that is entered automatically by the browsers – so nothing can escape your view. The program also makes a complete video of the PC activity.  

Want to discover more features of the software, and how it can help you to monitor any computer? You can download PC Tattletale here and use it FREE for 1 week.