standard McAfee and pcTattletale

McAfee is very aggressive about finding apps like pcTattletale.  Although it is possible to make the both programs work together we recommend using Windows built-in security instead of McAfee. If you really want to boost your security, try this VPN available at

But if you really need to use McAfee here is how to get them to work together.

Turn off Real Time scanning

First You need to open up McAfee and turn off real time scanning (or it will block pcTattletale before you can install it):


Install pcTattletale

Now you can safely install pcTattletale.  Click the link below the image for complete install instructions.

How to Install pcTattletale


Exclude pcTattletale

Now you need to exclude pcTattletale from McAfee before turning it back on.  Press the add file like the screen shot below.

Locate the following 2 exe files.  They are located in this folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\scheduler







Turn on Real Time Scanning

Now that you have pcTattletale excluded you can turn back on real time scanning


Turn off Scheduled Scans

Unfortunately McAfee will still break pcTattletale when it runs a scan.  But you can turn off these scans so they don’t run.



pcTattletale will continue to work with McAfee as long as a scan is not run.  If a scan is run pcTattletale will stop working.  You will need to go through the above process to reload pcTattletale.

Although you can see pcTattletale can work with mcAfee is it not perfect.  For this reason we recommend removing mcAfee off the computer and use Microsoft’s free builtin security.