standard How To Put PC Tattletale On A Windows PC


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How to Put pcTattletale On Windows PCs

Here are the steps to putting PC Tattletale on any Windows PC, Laptop, or Surface Tablet.  Just follow the screen shots below.  When you install pcTattletale on Windows you need to use the Microsoft Edge browser (Windows 11) since it comes on all windows computers.   Here are the 3 main steps before we get started:

  1. Make a free account click here
  2. Download and install app
  3. Secretly view everything they do from


Use Microsoft Edge Browser

Before you get started make sure you are using the right web browser.  Use Windows search to find and open the new Microsoft Edge browser:



Exisiting Customer – Redownloading?

Are you redownloading pcTattletale because your security app blocked it?  If so just sign in and select “account overview” and “redownload”:



Not a Customer? Make a Free Account

If you want to try pcTattletale 7 days free it is easy.  The first step is to get your special download link.  Just head on over to the PC Tattletale download page.  Make a free account.  After you sign up click “account overview” and “add device”


Add A Device – Windows Computer

If you are redownloading or adding a device for the first time just pick “Windows Computer”.  Then get your special download link.


Pick hidden or revealed Agent.  In this article I am assuming you do not want them to know they are being monitored.




Download And Install App

Copy your download link into the Windows Edge Browser (required).  You will see the following download page.  The pcTattletale setup file will download automatically:


What? Virus Detected?

When you try to download with the Microsoft Edge browser you will see it is blocked as a false-positive Virus:


Allow pcTattletale With Windows Security

All Windows computers have Windows Security built in by default.   If you do not have any security apps on your computer then you already have Windows Security.


Other Security Apps can block and delete pcTattletale Still not working?  Click here for Complete List .


Just follow these steps to allow pcTattletale to run on the computer without getting shut down.  First Let’s get Windows Security Center opened up. Just go to Windows search and type “Windows Security”.  Then open up the app.



Now pick “Virus & Threat Protection”:


Next let’s allow the pcTattletale downloads:


pcTattletale will be the most recent found threat.  You should also notice the time it was found was within the last minute or so.  Now we just need to allow it on Windows:


TIP:  Some versions of Windows do not have “Allow”.  Instead you must pick “restore” first.  Then you can pick “allow”.


Run pcTattletale Installer

Now you have the pcTattletale installer excluded.  You can now install the app.  Just go back to Microsoft Edge and reload the download like this:


Windows will give you another warning about pcTattletale.  It will look something like this:

After you click “more info” just pick “run anyway”:

When you open the installer it will not complete.  You will get a second warning from Windows like this:

Open back up Windows Security if you closed it.  Click the second icon in Windows Security.  That will take you to Virus & threat Protection:


Next pick “Manage Settings”:

Scroll down on the next screen until you find the “Exclusions” section.  This where we can tell Windows Security to leave pcTattletale alone.



Select “Add an Exclusion” and pick the “Folder” option:


Copy the File Path Below.  Paste it into the folder box on the open dialog screen.  Then click “Select Folder”:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\scheduler



Now pcTattletale will finally be allowed to run on the Computer without being removed by Windows Security.  Try downloading pcTattletale one final time.  Just click the reload button on Microsoft Edge like you did before.

Other Security Apps can block and delete pcTattletale Still not working?  Click here for Complete List.


This App Can’t Run On Your PC

You might get this error when trying to install pcTattletale.  If so just click here to see how to easily fix it.

Fix Problem – Click Here


Install With One Click

Now that pcTattletale is allowed to run on the computer you can easily install it.  Open the downloaded file:

Install on Windows PC:







View Activity Remotely

Now that its recording the PC what can you see?  Just sign into the pcTattletale members area with your pcTattletale account.  You will see screen like this:





Watch all your workstations from one location.  See them work in real time.  Everything is updated as they do it.


Click on a workstation to see a very detailed view of everything they did.  See all the websites they visited and everything typed in:


See Top Apps Used? How Active Are They During the Day?





Look at previous days:



Download Recordings and Keep them Forever:


How To Remove all Traces of PC Tattletale

We have to do a few other things to get any traces of PC Tattletale off the Windows computer.  This way they will have no idea you put it on there.

First go back to the Edge Browser and choose “Settings”:


Now clear browsing data.  This will remove any traces of the PC Tattletale website.  Click the button “choose what to clear”:

Finally Press the “Clear” Button:


Clear Scan History From Windows Security

Are you worried they might look in Windows Security scan history and see pcTattletale?  The good news is we can easily get rid of those tracks too.  Just open this folder (TIP: Click the link below):



Copy and paste the file path below into the file explorer address bar:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\



Pick the “Scans” folder and then allow access:


Now Pick the History folder:


The last step is to just delete the folder called “Service”.  Make sure to “Right-Click” with your mouse on the folder.  That way you get an easy way to delete it:


You can open Windows Security and look under history.  You will see all your tracks are gone!



How to Remove pcTattletale from Computer

That’s all there is to it.  PC Tattletale is now recording this computer.  The person you want to watch will see no traces that you installed it either!