standard How To Put PC Tattletale On A Windows PC


Here are the steps to putting PC Tattletale on any Windows PC, Laptop, or Surface Tablet.  Just follow the screen shots below.  In this example we used the Microsoft Edge browser (Windows 10) since it comes on all windows computers.  We suggest you do the same so the instructions match up.  Here are the 3 main steps before we get started:

  1. Make a free account click here
  2. Download and install app
  3. Secretly view everything they do from


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Make a Free Account

The first step is to get your special download link.  Just head on over to the PC Tattletale download page.  Make a free account.  After you sign up click “account overview” and “add device”

Get Free Account Here


Next pick “Windows Computer”.  Then get your special download link.



Download And Install App

Now that you have your special download link you can download and install the app.  Keep in mind your special download link will not say anything about pcTattletale.

  1. Use your link and download the app to a memory stick.  Then just put it in the computer and run the file.
  2. Email your employees, spouse, or kids the link.  Ask them to download and install the app.  You do not need to tell them it is pcTattletale.
  3. Copy and Paste special link into web browser.  Download and install app with one click.

How To Install With One Click




Allow pcTattletale To Run On Computer

Windows 10 Smart Screen may try to block pcTattletale but it is easy to get around:


Windows Defender will block pcTattletale because it is a spy app.  Make sure to allow pcTattletale:




Other Security Apps can block and delete pcTattletaleClick here for Complete List.


View Activity Remotely

Now that its recording the PC what can you see?  Just sign into the pcTattletale members area with your pcTattletale account.  You will see screen like this:



Watch all your workstations from one location.  See them work in real time.  Everything is updated as they do it.


Click on a workstation to see a very detailed view of everything they did.  See all the websites they visited and everything typed in:


See Top Apps Used:

How Active Are They During the Day?

Look at previous days:



Download Recordings and Keep them Forever:


How To Remove all Traces of PC Tattletale

We have to do a few other things to get any traces of PC Tattletale off the Windows computer.  This way they will have no idea you put it on there.

First go back to the Edge Browser and choose “Settings”:


Now clear browsing data.  This will remove any traces of the PC Tattletale website.  Click the button “choose what to clear”:

Finally Press the “Clear” Button:


How to Remove pcTattletale from Computer

That’s all there is to it.  PC Tattletale is now recording this computer.  The person you want to watch will see no traces that you installed it either!