standard How To Put PC Tattletale On A Windows PC

Here are the steps to putting PC Tattletale on any Windows PC, Laptop, or Surface Tablet.  Just follow the screen shots below.  In this example we used the Microsoft Edge browser (Windows 10) since it comes on all windows computers.  We suggest you do the same so the instructions match up.  Here are the 3 main steps before we get started:

  1. Make a free account click here
  2. Download and install app
  3. Secretly view everything they do from


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The first step is to get the download links emails to you.  Just head on over to the PC Tattletale download page.  Make a free account.  You will need this later:


Next go over to the computer you want to record.  Type this URL into their web-browser:



Click the Windows Download link When you do this PC Tattletale will start downloading.  Click the “SAVE” Button:



Once the setup file is saved just click “RUN”:


This will start putting PC Tattletale on the computer.  But First you must agree to the license agreement:

Once it is installed just press “FINISH”:



Now  log in to your PC Tattletale account.  It is the one you made at the start of the article:


Once you do this PC Tattletale is installed and working on your computer.  Everything anyone does on it will not be recorded.  You can view it from our website by signing into your pcTattletlae Account.

View Activity Remotely

Now that its recording the PC what can you see?  Just sign into the pcTattletale members area with your pcTattletale account.  You will see screen like this:

Notice how pcTattletale makes a YouTube like movie of everything they do on the PC.  You can see the remote keylogger puts the keystrokes right in the video.  You can see a nice click chart on the bottom.  It shows when they were active on the PC.  Here are all the video player controls:

You can view days in the past.  Advance the video by clicking the progress bar or click chart.  View them from a remote computer or mobile device.


How To Remove all Traces of PC Tattletale

We have to do a few other things to get any traces of PC Tattletale off the Windows computer.  This way they will have no idea you put it on there.

First go back to the Edge Browser and choose “Settings”:


Now clear browsing data.  This will remove any traces of the PC Tattletale website.  Click the button “choose what to clear”:

Finally Press the “Clear” Button:


We are almost done.  The final step is to remove that setup file we downloaded.  The easiest way to find it is to just type “Download Folder” into Cortana where it says “Ask me anything”.  Then pick “File Explorer”:


Next you will see all the files and folders on the computer.  You want to find the “downloads” folder.  In the screen shot below Windows put it in 2 places.  It makes no difference which one you pick:


When you pick the Downloads folder click the date and time sorter at the top.  This will bring the newest files up top.  It makes it easy to find our Setup.exe file.  Just right click that file and select “Delete”:


That’s all there is to it.  PC Tattletale is now recording this computer.  The person you want to watch will see no traces that you installed it either!