standard Sneaky Android Trick

Trying to put pcTattletale on a newer Android phone with Version 10?

If so you probably saw a nasty pop up message that looks like this:

Dead giveaway right?

In older versions of Android there was a checkbox to stop these from coming up.  It worked great.

But Google took it away in Android 10.

A Sneaky Android Trick

Until now I had to tell you pcTattletale does not work with Android 10.  You can even see it with my March update on the Android install page:Check it out here

The good news is…

I finally found a sneaky Android trick to get pcTattletale working again!

It has to do with the same technology that helps handicap people.

But it gets even better.  I can use this same sneaky Android trick to let you put pcTattletale on their phone with just a few clicks.  It will be a lot easier.

So be on the lookout for some big news next week.  I hope to have an all new lean and mean pcTattletale Android version ready for you that is better than ever!

You can also check out my article about using Android Spy apps without rooting so you know it is still easy to do.  Even with Android 10.

In the meantime you can always see what pcTattletale has recorded by signing into your account here:

Log into your pcTattletale account here

Once the new Android version is ready it will be waiting for you in your account as a free upgrade.

You can also use pcTattleatle as a way to spy on your computer in addition to Android 10.