standard How To Remove pcTattletale from Android

Here is how to remove pcTattletale from your Android device.

First go swipe down for settings and turn off accessibility for pcTattletale.  Otherwise it will be block you from uninstalling the app:

Once accessibility services are turned off you can find pcTattletale under “Apps & Notifications” and uninstall it:

You can see pcTattletale uninstalls like any other app now:



Older Versions of pcTattletale

If the screens above do not work you probabaly have an older version of pcTattletale on the device.  Here is how to remove the older version.

First swipe down on the device to get to system settings:

Pick settings (might be in different spot on your phone):

Now find your “Apps” Menu (might be in different spot on your phone):

Some phones might have a second menu to get into the app listings:

Find pcTattletale and remove it:

Now that you picked pcTattletale you can uninstall it:

What If Uninstall is Greyed Out?

When you set up pcTattletale you made it a “device administrator”.  On some phones this can prevent the app from being removed.  It makes pcTattletale more reliable.

If the Uninstall button is disabled.  Just follow these steps to remove pcTattletale.

First go back to the settings screen and type the following into the search box:


Android will find everything on the phone with the word “Device” in it.  You want to find the one that says “Device Administrators”.

TIP:  Notice there is also an app called Device Administrators.  You DO NOT want to pick this one.  Pick the one that is under the security section.

Some phones will have a second menu that says “Device Administrators”.  If this is the case just select it.

From here you can select pcTattletale (security services) and remove it:

After you follow these steps pctattletale will be removed from your device.