standard Keystroke Logging For Windows Pcs

keystroke loggingKeystroke logging is the act of taking records of a computer activity including keystroke tracking. Keystroke recorder is a spy software that tracks every computer activity such as each keystroke typed, web history and chat conversations.

The software is useful for concerned parents and employers to monitor and track computer usage activity. You can spy on your employees, children and cheating spouse by tracking what they are doing on their computers.

A high percentage of cheating are carried out online, thus, if your spouse is cyber-cheating on you, you can track their activity to confirm your suspicion. A keylogger can provide you with your computer activity records when you are not there.

When you install a keystroke recorder on your computer, it runs hidden in the background. You won’t even see it running in your task manager or desktop. After downloading and installing the software, it doesn’t appear on start-up folder or downloads folder.

There are several keystroke logging software programs available online but most of them are not reliable. You also need to choose a good software with advanced features that can help you achieve your goals.  Learn how to install a keylogger by clicking this link.  You will see that it is not very hard.

PC Tattletale: The Best Keystroke logging software

PC Tattletale is a keystroke logging software that keeps record of computer activity without being detected. Everyone can use the software including non-technical people. When installed on a computer, you can track the activity remotely. PC Tattletale has more advanced features when compared to other keyloggers. It records keystrokes, mouse clicks, chat conversations, screen activity, emails, web history and all applications running.

It is easy to download and install, even if you are a non-technical person. You can watch the recorded activities on PC Tattletale web server which can be accessed on their website. You don’t need to pay a private investigator to help you track the computer activity. So, don’t waste any more time, Download PC Tattletale today and try it free.