standard The Hard Truth About Using A Keystroke Program

best keystroke programOne question we always get asked at PC Tattletale is,”can any keystroke program capture facebook passwords?” The answer is yes. The simplest way of capturing passwords from social networking sites like facebook, twitter, or Linkedin is to use PC Tattletale. PC Tattletale is a very useful software that can be used by parents to monitor internet browsing and computer usage of their kids.


A Keystroke program is also called a keystroke logger. Keystroke loggers are applications that spy on pressed keyboard buttons.  It then sends this information to someone like yourself to view. This can be done by email or by sending data directly to a server located somewhere on the web (like PC Tattletale).

Keystroke Program

Keystroke loggers have been around for a pretty long time. However they are being used more than ever these days.

Pctattletale can be used from anywhere to monitor the PC you put it on. Watching from a remote PC, iPhone, Andriod, tablet is  completely possible using our tool. Watch all  their activities while working or on a business trip or from anywhere.  You can watch your employees while you are away. It is so easy to use PC Tattletale.

How To Get Started With PC Tattletale

First, download it from our website and install it on the computer. After successful installation, an account will be made on our website.  You will log in to the account that you have made with your email and a password.

When logged in you will see some options on the site. They are the dashboard, Account overview, support, help, and logout on the top. You can see the date in the left corner and a keyboard in the right corner.

Pick the date of the day you want to view. Then you can click the keystroke button in the right corner to see all their keystrokes.  A person who uses any social media site like Facebook needs to type their password in the log in box to sign into Facebook.  Whenever someone will type a password like this, all the keystrokes will be captured by PC Tattletale.  Then you can view them from our site.

You can see their Facebook password by this software very easily. So shouldn’t you use this wonderful software today?  Enjoy its benefits and stay tuned to our Website for more and more information.  Try PC Tattletale free by downloading a free trial today.