standard PC Monitoring Software For Windows 10

monitoring softwareA PC monitoring software is an important business tool if you are a manager or a business owner.

Are your employees really ‘working’ when they are sitting on their workstations? Some employees may want to watch cat videos on YouTube, or surf the Facebook when they are supposed to work. There is plenty of data to show that people access social media or online buying mostly during work hours.

To you, it costs serious money. Not only in internet and broadband charges, but also in lost productivity.

But it could get worse. Some wayward employee may start selling company secrets, or indulge in workplace harassment using the computers and internet access.

A PC monitoring software can help in tracking employee activity, maintaining productivity, and ensuring compliance at all times.

On a personal level too, there may be a need to use a capable monitoring software. You need to track your kids to protect them from online bullying, undesirable websites, or simply too many video games! Or perhaps you suspect your spouse of being unfaithful, and need to check what they are up to by looking at their online lives.

PC Monitoring Software for Windows 10

It has been well over a year that Windows 10 has rolled out to all users. The latest Windows version has added or restored several great features that user cherish.

  • The Start Menu was restored by popular demand
  • Cortana – the voice-controlled digital assistant makes for easy interaction
  • A new, improved browser
  • Multitasking capability with useful features
  • A unified control panel
  • A central notification center

In short, Windows 10 has a host of useful features to help in easy operation.

However, if you are using a PC monitoring software, some of these features may not work well, or not work at all. These software may also block Windows Updates, or prevent you from installing Windows apps from the App Store.  We have a more detailed article on the best keylogger software for Windows 10 that you can read.

So, you will need to disable the monitoring tool for proper working of Windows 10. This makes the PC monitoring tool useless – exposing your PC to misuse.

PC Tattletale Works With Windows 10

We have extensively updated and tested PC Tattletale to make it work perfectly well with Windows 10 operating system. And with the earlier versions of Windows as well. So you get complete coverage and effectiveness at all times – without any fear of being detected.

Check it out today – PC Tattletale is FREE to download and try for a full week!