standard Understanding Key Loggers: What Are They?

key loggersKey loggers are one of the most popular tools for tracking and monitoring computer activity. If you have an interest in learning what is happening on a PC, and what a user is doing on it, a key logger can help you.

At its simplest, a key logger can be either a hardware or software that will install on a PC, and track its activity. The hardware approach is simple, but has a major shortcoming – it is easy to detect. So, you will rarely find anyone using a hardware-based key logger.

Key logger software are, therefore, the preferred way to detect PC activity for any person of interest.

Key Loggers: How Do They Work?

The basic principle behind the working of a keylogger is very simple: (read how to install a remote keylogger) the software tracks the keyboard strokes. As you would know, a keyboard is a primary input device for a PC. Any command that you need to execute, or anything that you need to enter, you do it through a keyboard. Type an email, write a blog, or chat on Facebook – a keyboard is always needed.

So, if there was a way to track what a person is typing on the keyboard, you could get a complete idea of what they are doing.

Why Do You Need a Keylogger?

There may be situations when you need to know how a person is using the PC – what websites they are visiting, who are they sending emails to, who are they chatting on Facebook, etc. You will understand this if you have kids at home, or suspect your spouse of infidelity.

If you are business owner or manager, a keylogging tool can help you ensure your employees are working productively, and fairly.

PC Tattletale: Key Logger for Windows PC

All keylogging software are not equal. purely relying on keyboard tracking is a weakness in most keyloggers. Modern internet and PC use does not even require keyboard use for a lot of activities. If the user is chatting on Skype, for example, there is no use of keyboard. Similarly, browsers remember a lot of information like usernames and passwords, and enter it automatically without using the keyboard.

PC Tattletale has a neat feature that can beat this shortcoming. It captures screenshots every few moments, and then creates a video from the images, so nothing escapes your notice. It can also capture browser-remembered and auto-entered information.

Interested? Then you can download PC Tattletale to see for yourself. It is FREE to use for one week.