standard 4 Surprising Benefits to Employee Monitoring

It is no surprise that employee monitoring is a sensitive issue these days.  It is in every employers right to use company property to monitoring their employees phone calls, text messages, emails, and internet useage.

But you might be surprised to know some of the benefits of employee monitoring.  Here are the top 4 benefits being  reported by pcTattletale employee monitoring customers.




Employee Monitoring can be used to see how employees are spending time at work.   Are they following company procedures?  Are team efforts being duplicated?

As a manager you can use employee Monitoring to help you reduce bottlenecks and redundant work.  Is your team looking for the same information?



Customer Service

Monitoring phone calls and emails can make sure customers are handled in a consistent manner.  Use employee monitoring to develop a set of standards that each employee adheres to for each customer they interact with.

Employee monitoring can also be used as a coaching tool to review calls with customers.  How are the calls handeled?  The same can be done with email communications.  This is different than keylogging their workstation.



When monitoring employees you should tell them about it.  That way they understand there is a level of accountability when they are billing you for their time.   Since they are charging you the company for hours worked you have every right to review the work you paid for.

Build a culture of transparency in your organization.  Your staff will  understand all of their actions are monitored and recorded.


Customer Issues

Customer issues like refunds can quickly be resolved when you can see what is happening between the employee and customer.  Just use your employee monitoring software to see what they say.

Use this as an opportunity to work with the employee so the issue does not happen again.  Without employee monitoring software it is too easy for employees to no remember the details of the interaction resulting in wasted time.


Are you looking to gain better productivity from your team?

Is your company ready for higher customer service levels?

Looking for better Staff Accountability?

Ready to quickly fix customer issues?


Then Employee Monitoring might be right for you.


pcTattletale Employee Monitoring Software

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