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Are you looking for employee Internet usage monitoring software?  If so then look no further than pcTattletale.  There is a reason pcTattletale is the #1 Employee monitoring software on the internet, and today we have a big announcement!


Announcing Employee Internet Usage Departmental Grouping

Now you can group all your workstations by department.  This is perfect for both small and large businesses.  Put your workstations into groups like Sales, Marketing, Engineering and more.  With pcTattletale everything is recorded and easily searched.


Now you can group employee internet usage together by department.

Live Employee Internet Usage Monitoring

Management can sign into pcTattletale from their smartphone or laptop, and pcTattletale only needs a web browser to view their team’s activity.  Use the dashboard to watch your team working in real-time from one central location.


Employee Internet Usage Realtime Live Monitoring Dashboard Central control.

Reporting Employee Internet Usage

pcTattletale is the best employee internet usage monitoring software because everything is recorded.  Use the built in reports to see exactly when your team is most active and idle.

Employee Internet Usage Daily Activity Reports

Keep a complete log of their history for an entire year.

Want to see what they are doing for that client last July?  No problem.  Just go back to that day and see every click, screen shot, app access, and key pressed.  Everything is there for complete transparency.

Employee Internet Usage Monitoring Software Activity searching



Employee Internet Usage – Which Apps?  How Long?

Want to see more than just your employee’s internet usage?  pcTattletale records all of the apps used for example, Did they follow your instructions?  Even apps that do not access the internet are all recorded with pcTattletale which makes it a powerful employee internet usage monitoring software for your company.

Employee Internet Usage Which Apps

Build a Culture of Transparency

Use pcTattletale to build a culture of transparency and watch how when your workers know they are being recorded they quickly become more honest about their activities.  This works especially well in the work from home age.

“Employees want to work from home and say they worked 3 hours? They should have no problem letting me see the 3 hours they want the company to pay for.”


Remote Workers?

As an employer you have every right to put pcTattletale employee monitoring software on company property. See Wikipedia Article Here . That includes remote workers.

What about workers using their own workstations?

The pcTattletale time clock version lets remote workers clock in and out so everyone knows when they are billing the company.  The workers of course agree that the company should see the work they are paying for.  pcTattletale Employee Internet Usage Monitoring software keeps both parties honest and above board.

In fact, most pcTattletale customers report their remote workers are much more honest knowing the rules up front.


Start Tracking Employee Internet Usage Today

Are you ready to finally start being a smart business owner? Now you can start tracking your entire employee workforce today.  Just follow the 3 easy steps to get started and the best part is you go not need to be technical.  We can set everything up for you remotely!

Step1: Purchase pcTattletale

Head on over to the pcTattletale for business section, then click the add to cart button and purchase the pcTattletale Business Plan.

Add To Cart $299


That purchase will give you a full 1 year data retention on everything your employee workforce has done.  Any conflicts with Employee time worked, procedures, client billing, and more will quickly be solved with pcTattletale Employee Internet usage monitoring software.

Step 2: Load workstations

The next step is to follow along with screen shots or schedule a time for one of our technicians to load all your workstations for you.  Do you have a large enterprise network?  If so,  you can do a “silent network deployment” and onboard everyone with a few clicks.

Full Install Guide

Step 3: Watch and Report

Management can now easily watch their employee internet usage from their phones or desktop computers.  pcTattletale only requires a web browser for them to see their employee’s internet usage.  Let your management review all internet usage over the past year.  See apps company apps used and reply their actions.  Ensure directions are being followed. Expanding your capabilities to monitor and manage employee internet usage involves the adoption of robust log management tools. These tools serve as a crucial asset in your endeavor to initiate and sustain effective employee internet tracking. By implementing log monitoring tools, you can centralize data from various sources, providing a comprehensive overview of internet activities across your organization. This enables real-time monitoring, ensuring immediate responsiveness to any deviations from established guidelines. Additionally, you can delve into a year’s worth of internet usage data, enabling in-depth historical analysis to identify trends and potential areas for improvement. Gain insights into the specific applications employees are using, facilitating better decision-making regarding software usage within your company. Moreover, these tools ensure compliance with company policies and directives, helping to maintain a secure and productive digital environment. Incorporating these tools empowers management to proactively oversee employee internet usage, fostering a more secure, compliant, and efficient workplace.

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