standard Employee Theft? How To Prove it!

Do you think employee theft is a probem at your business?  Do you have a problem employee you think is stealing? If so you are not alone.  The theft stastistics from employees are startling.

Employee Theft Stastics

On average Businesses lose approximately 7 percent of their total revenue to theft or fraud. Every year, employees steal 50 billion dollars from U.S. businesses. An employee is 15 times more likely to steal from a business than an outsider is.  Even worse, one-third of business failures and bankruptcies are caused by employee theft.


As a business owner how can you prove there is theft happening and prosecute the employee?



How to Prove Theft is Happening

So you know there is theft happening in the company.  But how can you catch the employee in the act?

That is where pcTattletale comes to the rescue!

pcTattletale is the only Employee Monitoring software that secrelty records your employee actions without them ever knowing.

With pcTattletale you can quicly catch your problem employee that is leaking company information, embezzling Money, or deleting emails.


pcTattletale records each and every click to make simple YouTube like videos.  You watch them to see what your employee did.


With pcTattletale you can search and review all apps and websites visited.   Use it to find the suspsious activity quickly.  Once your find the evidence you can print it off in hard copy form easily.

Employee theft how to prove it with pcTattletale

pcTattletale has helped thousands of business owners like yourself put an end to the data theft, leaking of company information to competitors, money embezzling, and employee fraud.


With pcTattetale installed on your problem Employee’s workstation you will quickly be able find and indentify the  theft.  Then armed with proof it is easy to terminate the employee for stealing or prosecute them under the law.


Employee theft consequences with Donald trump


Want to catch your problem employee red-handed?

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