standard Kaspserky with pcTattletale – How To Set It up



If you want to monitor a Windows PC with Kaspersky Security then follow along in this short article.  Kaspersky will detect pcTattletale the minute you try to put it on the computer.  So we need to tell Kaspersky to leave pcTattletale alone.

Turn off Kaspersky Realtime Protection

This first step it to put Kaspersky to sleep.  Then we can install pcTattletale without any problems.

Just click down by your clock and find the Kaspersky Icon.  Then right click on it:

Kaspsersky Total Security Launch Icon

TIP:  Don’t see the icon?  Make sure to start up Kaspersky from your desktop first.

Right click and Pause Protection so we can install pcTattletale:

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time:


Safely Install pcTattletale

Now you can safely install pcTattletale.  Just sign into your account and pick “account overview” and “add device”:


Pick Windows and get your special download link:


Download and install pcTattletale:


Tell Kaspersky to Leave pcTattletale Alone

Now we just need to tell Kaspserky to not bother pcTattletale.  Open up Kaspserky from your desktop.

At the bottom pick “settings” and “additional”:


Pick “Manage Exclusions”:


Now you can add the pcTattletale folder:


Click the browse button and find the pcTattletale Folder



Locate the pcTattletale folder.  It is also listed out below (TIPcopy and paste the text below and you do not have to browse all the folders):

Folder Location: c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\scheduler


Now go back to the Kaspersky Home screen.  We need to turn back on their protection.


Now you can safely resume monitor while having pcTattletale running your computer too!


That is all there is too it.  Got any Questions? Let us know.