standard AVG and pcTattletale – How To Set Up

Are you trying to load pcTattletale on a computer with AVG?  If so you will not get very far.   As soon as you download pcTattletale you will see it “fail” with a screen like this from AVG:


No need to worry.  Follow along in this short article.  I will show you how to easily exclude pcTattletale from AVGs scans.  Then both apps will work great together.

1. Turn off AVG Protection

The first step is to turn off AVG’s protection.  Do not worry.  We will turn it back on when we are done.

Click down by your computer’s clock and find the AVG icon.  Then RIGHT CLICK on it turn off protection:

Turn Protection to OFF

2. Install pcTattletale

Now you can install pcTattletale without any problems.  Just sign into your account.

Pick “account overview” and “add device”:

Pick “Windows” and get your special download link:

Now install pcTattletale with one-click!

3. Exclude pcTattletale

Now open up AVG and click “Menu”

Then pick settings:

Finally pick Exceptions:

Now you can tell AVG to allow pcTattletale.  Pick “add exception”.


Locate the pcTattletale folder.  It is located here:

c:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\scheduler


4. Turn AVG Back on

Finally turn AVG back on.  Just click down by the clock like you did in the beginning.  Turn on Protection:


Now AVG should leave pcTattletale alone.  You will have both the AVG protection and pcTattletale monitoring on the computer.  Got any problems? Let us know.