standard MalwareBytes Breaks pcTattletale – How To Fix

If you are wanting to use pcTattletale with MalwareBytes security software you will need to set it up to allow pcTattletale to run on the machine.  In this short article I will show you what is malware and everything you need to know for allowing MalwareBytes and pcTattletale to play nicely together.

MalwareBytes Blocks pcTattletale Site

The first thing to know with MalwareButes is that you can not even get to the pcTattletale website.  Malware Bytes will block the site.  It looks like this:

So the first step is to let MalwareBytes allow you to go to the pcTattletale website.

Just right click the MalwareBytes icon down by your computer’s clock like this:


Now just right-click on that icon and Add a web exclusion for the pcTattletale website:


Now that you can get to the pcTattletale website just sign in and add your device:

Log into your account here


Pick “Windows” and you can get your special download link:


Copy this link and paste it into a new browser tab.  When the download starts MalwareBytes will block you again.

Just allow another exclusion for “” (this is the download site):


Turn off Malware Protection


Even if you download pcTattletale MalwareBytes will block it as soon as you try to install it.  So let’s put MalwareBytes to sleep so we can install pcTattletale.  Right click on the icon and turn off Malware Protection (we will turn it back on at the end):



Now you can safely install pcTattletale without MalwareBytes causing problems:


Exclude pcTattletale from MalwareBytes Scans

Next We need to tell MalwareBytes to leave pcTattletale alone when we turn it back on.  Let’s open the main MalwareBytes control panel.


Click on the Settings icon:


Choose “Allow List”:


Click the “Add” Button to add a new exclusion:


Pick “Allow a file or folder”:


Now click through the folders under you find the path listed below:

pcTattletale Location : C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\scheduler


Turn on MalwareBytes Malware Protection


Now turn back on MalwareBytes Malware Protection:



MalwareBytes will leave pcTattletale alone now.  Got any questions  Let Us know.