standard New Android Version 1.43 Released

I am happy to tell you that I just released a new version of pcTattletale for Android.  Watch the video above to learn more about what is better about it or keep reading below.

pcTattletale for Android is an app that you put on your child’s, spouse’s, or employee’s device.  It makes video recordings of everything they do that you can view from the pcTattletale website.  Because of how this app works it is not in the Google Play app store.  Instead you must install it from the pcTattletale website:

How To Install pcTattletale For Android

What is New in Version 1.43

facebook messenger spyingI recently pushed out pcTattletale for Android version 1.43.  This version has 3 important fixes you need to know about:

Missing Recordings – With newer versions of Android (8 & 9) pcTattletale could not “see” some apps like Facebook Messenger.  The Reason?  When you setup pcTattletale it sits “on top” of the screen invisibly.  It turns out some apps can sit “on top” of pcTattletale.  When this happens pcTattletale can’t see this app because it is on top.  You would see this with Facebook Messenger chat heads for example.  This issue is now fixed and you can view apps that pcTattletale previously could not see.

App Not Installled Message – Some people would get an “App not installed” message when trying to put pcTattletale on Kindle and Android 5 or 6 devices.  This issue had to do with a code signing key that was not set to support older devices.

Device Not on Wifi Message – Some of you would put pcTattletale on an Android device and never see a video.   Instead you would just see a “device not on Wifi” message.  The new version will send up a least a few screen shots so can you see some videos.  Then you can decide if you want to turn on cell phone data recording.

How To Upgrade For Free

To update your devices for free you just need to install the new app.  Since it is not in the Google Play store I can not do it remotely.  Plus you do not want them seeing a message that pcTattletlae is being updated.

To upgrade pcTattletale simply download it off the website just like you did when you set it up the first time.  You will be prompted to log into your pcTattletale account and then you will be all set.

Just follow these setup instructions by clicking the link below in case you do not have it.

How to setup pcTattletale for Android


This is by far the best version of pcTattletale for Android yet.  But I am not done.  You can expect even more updates in the future.  But this one will work better than all the previous ones.