standard iPhone Discontinued

You can sell almost any type of used electronic device online. You can even sell old iPhones even if they are broken or outdated.

I did it.  Monday I finally decided to remove iPhone from the pcTattletale website.  Watch the video above for my explanation or just read about it below.

Why Discontinue iPhone?

When I first came out with pcTattletale for iPhone back in 2017 I could use their iCloud backup file to get things like text messages out of it.  Sure this was a lot different from how pcTattletale works on Android and Windows but it was the best solution at the time.

Since then a lot has changed over at Apple.  First they added something called “2 Factor Authentication”.  You had to get a special code off their phone (and know their unlock code to get it).  But once pcTattletale had that code off their phone everything still worked.

Then iOS 12 came out.  Apple made a lot of changes on how you can get that iCloud backup file.  Suddenly pcTattletale for iPhone stopped working.  I could no longer read the backup file.  Neither could anyone else.

More Than Just pcTattletale

But this update from apple did not just effect pcTattletale.  In fact everyone on the internet who was fetching iCloud back up files could no longer do it.

So I held out hope.

Perhaps someone would crack the code and pcTattletale could start reading iCloud backup files again.

Well enough time has passed and it does not look like anyone will figure it out.  So I decided to pull pcTattletale for iPhone from the site.

What Is Next?

So here we are.  Ideally I want to find a way to get pcTattletale working just like it does for Windows and Android…  without Jailbreaking would be ideal.  I have even seen some competitors offer a Jailbroken and non Jailbroken version of their app.  Maybe I will take that approach.

Over the summer I am going to be looking at all the pcTattletale competitors.  What are they doing with Apple?  Who’s is the best?  So far I have not been very impressed.  A lot of solutions simply do not work anymore.  They should pull iPhone from their site too.

So stay tuned.  I will get you the best iPhone spying solution available today in 2019.  Just know I want to be 100% honest in how pcTattletale is run and do not want to offer a product the just does not work anymore.