standard Spy Phone App APK Download A How To Beginners Guide

Are you looking for a Spy phone app APK download? If so look no further. You have come to the right place. In this short guide for beginners I will tell you what an APK file is and why you absolutely need to use one for a spy phone app.

Then we will walk through downloading the pcTattletale spy phone app apk file and put it on an Android phone. You will be able to see everything they do on their phone as a YouTube like movie and track their GPS location on a map with the spy app’s tracking feature.

You will be happily surprised to see it can all be done without rooting.

Sounds good? Let’s get started

What is an APK File?

An APK file just means that file is an App. Android looks at that file extensions (those little 3 letter names after the . in a file name) and then “knows” what to do with it.

Android apk files

Here are some examples:

SomeFile.txt – .txt means this is a plain old text file. Android will just open it up and display the text.

SomeFile.mp3 – .mp3 files are audio files. When Android see this it will open up the media player and attempt to play the audio.

SomeFile.apk – .apk files are app files. Android will attempt to run the file as an app.

Here is more info from Wikipedia about the file extension

So you can see that all apps must be APK files and all APK files are apps.

Why Spy Phone Apps must be APK files

When you are looking for a spy phone app apk download you need to know that all spy phone apps are apk files.

Most apps are downloaded from the Google Play store. They simply hide the fact that every app in the Google Play store is an APK file. You just do not need to worry about it.

Google will not allow spy apps in the Google Play store. So you need to download the spy phone apk file on your own. Let’s do that right now

Spy Phone App APK download

APK files really only run on Android devices. So if you are reading this from your Android phone (or tablet) just click the link below and download the pcTattletale APK file.



If you are NOT on an Android phone go sign up for the pcTattletale free trial right now:



After you sign up we will email you the download links so you have them. Plus it will save you a few steps after you install the spy phone app.

Spy Phone App APK Installation

So now you have the APK file downloaded to your Android phone. The next steps is to just open it (run it). Do this by clicking the file.

But Wait!

When you do this Android is going to complain that it (The spy phone app apk download file)did not come from the Google Play store. Just select the option to allow downloading apk files that are not on the Google Play store (from unknown sources) like this:

After you do this the pcTattletale spy phone app will install on the phone without any problems.

You will notice the app is called “security services” and not pcTattletale. This helps hide the app better if the person you are watching is browsing the app list or looking deeply in side Android from their phone.

Next just run through the setup screens. Spy apps are tricky and you need to allow very special permissions for this app. Go through the screens and click “Allow”. By doing this Android is giving the spy app more and more permissions to do its magic.


spy phone app apk download

Once the permissions are set you will need to make a free pcTattletale account (if you did not already make one here).

pcTattletale Android make free account

After you create the account the spy app tells you how to view the activity (from the pcTattletale website)

spy app complete

If you check your Android phone’s home screen you will see the “security services” (pcTattletale spy app) icon will disappear after a few seconds.

Remove Android Icons and Warnings

The pcTattletale android spy app (the spy phone app apk download file) pushes the limits of Android without needing to root the device. It records everything you do on the screen and makes a video of it which we will see later.

Android is good about altering the person that their screen is being recorded. We need to remove those icons and warnings. This is very important or they *might* catch on that the spy app was put on their phone.

To learn more about this I recommend reading about the new phone locator for smart parents.

Make sure to follow these steps to remove the icons:

Android cast icon

The first one you will see is the “cast” icon. Here is how to remove it:

How To Remove Android Cast Icon

Click the link above and you will be taken to another blog post where we show you how to remove the icon.

The second notification will pop up on Android 8 and newer devices. It looks like this:

Android 8 Drawing Over Apps Notification

This will need a free 3rd party app to remove the warning but we show you how to do it in our Android setup Guide. You can jump to that section by Clicking here.

Samsung Phones

You just got to love Samsung. They built a lot of extra features and security on top of Android. It makes spy apps a lot hard to use with their phones. For this reason you will need to disable a few of their *features* or the pcTattletale spy phone app will stop working after a day or two.

Click Here to Fix Samsung Problems


Viewing Spy Phone App Recordings

The pcTattletale spy phone app for Android works unlike any other spy phone app. It makes “YouTube” like videos of them using their phone. Every time they tap the screen we capture it and make a video.

To see the video just sign into the pcTattletale website with your new account:

TIP: Use the link above and you can view their recordings from your own phone, tablet, or any computer. It does not matter what kind of device you use to view their activity.

When you sign in you will see a dashboard with your Android phone listed (you can change the name):

pcTattletale spy app

Just click the name and you will see 2 choices:

pcTattletale Android screen selection


Viewing Activity

When you chose this icon you will see a video player. It shows you everything they did on the phone. You will see who they talk to and where they go. If they send a text message and delete it you will see them do that:

Notice the click chart at the bottom. It shows you the time of day where they are most active. Clicking one of the bars will take you that point in time of the video.

TIP: Use the video player progress bar to quickly move through the video.

Live Spy Phone App Monitoring

One neat thing to try is to click the live button down by the video player. Then put the Android phone in your other hand.

Click different screens on the Android phone (the phone that you put the spy phone app apk download file on) and you will see it show up in the video player in near realtime. It is a great way to watch them as they are using phone.

Android Realtime Remote Spying App

Picking Days

pcTattletale will record videos and keep them for 7 days.  After that they are automatically deleted.  Just use the calendar at the top of the video player to pick the day you want to view:

Android Calendar Selection


Downloading Spy Videos

PcTattletale let’s you download the videos in MP4 format. The spy phone app apk download that you did above will automatically start erasing the older pcTattletale recordings after a week. So by downloading them you can keep them forever.

Just click the icon next to the calendar to download that days video:

Save Cheating Android App evidence

GPS Tracking

The pcTattletale spy phone app is also recording where they are at. We log their location every time they lock and unlock their phone (plus every 15 min). You can view these location points on a map. It will look like this:

Android Phone Tracker App

As you can see the pcTattletale spy phone app is very powerful and fairly easy to install. The best part is you do not need to root their Android phone to get all these advanced spying abilities.

Why Not Free?

We all use service like Google, YouTube, and Facebook without every paying a dime. It makes us think all software should be free.

But the truth is those services are far from free. There is an old saying:

“If you do not know what they are selling then it is YOU who they are selling”

These services are selling ads to make their services free. You would be shocked at the amount of personal information they have collected about us to server their advertisers.

The Truth is software is expensive (especially making spy phone app apk download files). Hiring developers is expensive because it takes thousands of hours to build and test a spy phone app like pcTattletale.

If it does not work or you have questions you need someone to contact right? Who pays for that exactly?

Even storing all those videos requires massive computing power. Our pcTattletale data storage bill is more than my house payment. It needs to get paid every month.

So how can anyone offer a QUALITY app for free?

Here at pcTattletale we want you put the spy app on your phone so you can see that it really works. We show the first part of the video for free but you need to purchase it to see all of the video.

PcTattletale is the best value spy phone app available.

Just look at the chart below and you can see the pricing differences between us and similar products:

pcTattletale Price Comparison



If you want an easy spy phone app apk download then you have come to the right place. The pcTatletale spy phone app is easy to install.  It will show you everything they do and everywhere they go. Follow the steps above and too can have a working spy app on their phone in the next few minutes. Then you will finally find out the truth.