standard Monitoring employees with expensive servers

Monitoring employeesThese days, it’s not a big deal for harmful viruses to breach the security and safety of data. Because, anything can happen with growing technology and that’s why one must have protected patterns of security. Most common is employee stealing time for your company.  If you think this is happening then you should check out the most common Employee time theft punishments.

How PC Tattletale stores everything in the cloud 

PC Tattletale employee monitoring software keeps everything in the cloud network. It stores the most recent activities and erases the previous ones. This smart technology is updated and use an automatic mechanism of deleting all the unnecessary things. Each of our server is verified. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about security aspect.

We have allotted a separate chamber to the data security department. This means each of your logged in activity is safely protected with monitoring employee.

All the analyzed data securely rests at an online cloud. And, we use the most trusted security service provider and encryption such as AES Encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) techniques and technologies.

Precaution is better than cure, right? And, this is what we believe and expect back from our clients. That is why, we provide the safest version of cloud computing and one may feel free from the stress of security threats after selecting the best monitoring employee app.

Benefits of monitoring employee cloud security:

1- Cost saving

The cloud computing is a beneficial and cost saving solution for monitoring employees. Cloud services are secure and easy to employ under minimum expense.

With the help of cloud computing, one can save sustainable capital costs with zero in-house server storage and application obligations. Also, the lack of principle infrastructure removes its associated operational costs in terms of power, air conditioning, and administration costs.

2- Reliability

If you organize a platform of managed service area, you’ll notice a cloud computing which is more reliable and consistent in comparison to IT infrastructure. Therefore, we offer a service level which assures 100% availability at any time. Besides, one gets a massive amount of benefit with the help of IT resources.

3- Management

Cloud computing avails an enhanced and simplified IT management to its clients. It also maintains central administration through resources, vendor management infrastructure and SLA agreements. Also, you will enjoy a simplified version of a web based interface which accesses software and services.

4- Calculated Frame

It gives a competitive edge with the help of the computer in the competitive field. Your company must need a systematize applications to deliver the best outcome and cloud computing could help in it.

That was a preview of how Pctattletale is helping in monitoring employees through expensive and protected servers of cloud computing.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the safe route to reach your destination.