standard Network monitoring software for business owners

network monitoring softwareThe company IT managers use to have the most difficult jobs in the field. They had to keep an eye on the whole network all the time making sure that everything in a particular network is working smoothly. To achieve this, they had to keep an eye on multiple tools by using multiple softwares. However, in the recent times, employee screenshot monitoring have made their jobs easier by providing a single monitoring tool that will track every connected device in the network. Moreover, in case a problem arises these management software’s will immediately alert you and pinpoint exactly where the problem is.




1- PC Tattletale:

The number one software for network monitoring in the market is PC Tattletale. The functions required for a network monitoring system to work properly are all available at All a company will need to do is make its account and install the app in the targeted employee’s  gadget. It is suitable for personal use as well. If a person needs the all-in-one type of app, then PC Tattletale is quite reliable.

2- Spiceworks IT Desktop:

This software provides real-time monitoring of multiple devices in a single dashboard. It is easy to use for both Linux servers and Windows servers.

3- Intermapper:

Intermapper is designed for easy access to the information about your network. Through this software, you can monitor the activities of anything with an IP address. Furthermore, the best part of this software is that you can track everything remotely on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

4- IP host:

This software is for small businesses, and it requires no server. You can install it on a single machine and it runs in the background. It keeps analyzing and collecting information about the network that machine is on. IP Host also keeps track of hardware issues and identifies when you need to upgrade the hardware. Learn more about wordpress hosting at the link.

5- Netcrunch:

Netcrunch is a very useful network monitoring software that even an entrepreneur can control, you do not need an IT expert for this. It uses nodes to monitor the network and alerts you about both important issues and secondary issues regarding your devices.

6- OPmanager:

The OPmanager is designed to make the job of IT administrator more manageable. It monitors servers, networks and data centers. It automates the workflow of these networks and also identifies performance shifts. This program is tailored for large networks from monitoring remote networks to IT workflow automation. This app works wonders.

7- SevOne (network monitoring software):

SevOne can adapt to the ever-changing needs of your company even if you have multiple protocols, mobiles and desktops devices to analyze the network activities. It also comes with a good customer support department in case you run into any unforeseeable issues. This app is perfect to minimize the downtime of your network. You can also visit if your business needs fast, scalable, and flexible connectivity among different network environments.

The best thing about such apps is that you can always tell which employee is wasting time and which device isn’t working properly. Through this, you can confront your employees with proof. You can also hire IT service so your employees can go to them when they have problems. You can find out more here.