standard PC Spy Software That Really Works

spy softwareA computer spy software is an important tool to have if you want to monitor PC activity without being detected.

By its very definition, a spy software should be stealthy. It should enable the person using it to remain behind the scenes, so that they can collect information without the subject knowing. In addition, it also needs to send the data collected to the user. And the software needs to do all this without the subject knowing.

Who Needs Spy Software?

In the current professional and social landscape, you may need a computer spy software if you are:

A Parent: Kids are using internet more and more, exposing themselves to online abuse and bullying. Natural curiosity may encourage them to explore websites that are actually inappropriate. You can see my Spyzie review for more information about these kinds of apps.

An Employer: Are your employees doing their jobs when they are sitting on their workstations? There are several cases where employees surf Facebook on company time, or explore job portals. Worse, so bad apples can sell company data to competitors.

A Spouse: If you are stuck with a wayward spouse in an unfortunate situation, you will need definitive proof before you proceed to your next step. In case you want to initiate divorce proceedings, such proof can help protect your financial interests.

PC Tattletale: Spy Software of Choice

PC Tattletale is a keylogging software – it uses keyboard strokes to create a complete image of computer activity. However, its capabilities are not limited to keyboard tracking, it can also detect activities that do not use keyboard use. For example, video chats, or auto-completed information that the browsers enter by themselves.

Installing PC Tattletale is as easy as 1-2-3. You just need to select the right package, download the software, and follow the instructions. If you can install a mobile app on your smartphone, you can install PC Tattletale.

You also get access to a centralized dashboard that you can access remotely. You can watch the captured videos and reports on any device, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Try It For Free

Check out the features – you can download PC Tattletale now and use it for free.