standard Best Computer Spy Software for Windows

If you are using a computer spy software, the biggest challenge is to stay undetected. It is important to stay stealthy, if the subject learns about the software, they can simply modify their behavior. This will defeat the purpose of your surveillance.

In addition, it should also be easy to install, and capture all PC activity.

PC Tattletale: Best Computer Spy Software

computer spy software
We have worked hard to create the perfect PC monitoring tool, and we are confident that PC Tattletale is the best computer spy software for Windows PC. The reason for our confidence is these industry leading features of the software:

Easy to Install

If you have ever installed a mobile app on your smartphone, you can install PC Tattletale on your PC. Yes, it is that simple. Just select a suitable package depending on your usage – home, small office and business. Just point, click, and follow the instructions. And you are done.


Once you install PC Tattletale on the PC, it just dissolves into the background and stays there. The subject will never suspect that the software is working – there are no visible traces of its presence.

Captures ALL Activity

Being a keylogging software, it captures all keyboard-based activity – like email typing. It goes a step further by capturing even non-keyboard activities like video chats (unlike other spy apps like Spyzie). The software captures screenshots in rapid succession, and combines them to create a video that you can see. That is not all – PC Tattletale can also capture hidden info, like auto-completed passwords. In short, the software captures everything that is on the screen.

Remote Access

All the activity reports and videos are available on a central dashboard. You can access it simply by logging into your user account – from any device, from anywhere in the world, and at anytime you want.

Try PC Tattletale for Free

We make it easy for you to check the features of the best computer spy software. Just download PC Tattletale today, and try it for free.