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Are you looking for a key logger download to monitor a PC of interest?

There are several legitimate reasons why you may need to monitor a computer. For example, as a parent, you need to monitor what your kids are doing. Are they doing their homework, or are they just goofing around watching YouTube videos? Or worse, they are exposing themselves to online exploitation or bullying.

As a business manager or owner, you need to monitor your employees to ensure full productivity during office hours. You may also want to prevent data theft or unauthorized transfer of sensitive information and trade secrets.

On a personal level, if you suspect your spouse or partner of being unfaithful, monitoring their PC can give you a fair idea of their activities. It will help you in cases of separation and to protect your financial interests.

If you look around the internet, your will find several tools that can help you monitor a computer. Most of the monitoring software are keyloggers, they record the strokes on the keyboard to build a complete picture of PC activity.  To see how a keylogger works read this article:  How To Install a remote keylogger.  You will see it is not that hard using pcTattletale.

However, this approach of recording PC activity has one major flaw. Just think about the typical activity of an average user on the PC. Activities like video chatting do not involve the keyboard. For other websites, the browsers remember a lot of information, and enter it automatically.

Effective Key Logger Download: Try PC Tattletale

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PC Tattletale is an effective key logger software for personal and business use. Here is a brief look at its main features:

  • It is easy to download and install – you don’t need any special technical expertise.
  • Once installed, the PC monitoring software is very difficult to detect, the subject will never know.
  • It can capture rapid screenshots and then combine them to create a video of all the PC activity. This helps to monitor activities like video chats – that do not use the keyboard.
  • It can capture even remembered usernames and passwords
  • All the reports are accessible on a central dashboard, which you can access from any device, from anywhere.

Free Key Logger Download

What is the lowest price that you will be willing to pay for all the features mentioned above? How about an unbeatable price of ZERO?

Yes, you can download PC Tattletale as a free keylogger software, and use it for one week. Make the payment only if you are satisfied with its benefits.

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