standard Computer Spy Software for Windows

computer spySometimes, a computer spy software is what you need to protect yourself. You may be wondering how you can use a spy software for protection without being sneaky. It is easy and simple. In fact, the spy software is one of the most effective tools that can help you know what is indeed happening behind your back. If you suspect that your spouse is cyber-cheating on you but you cannot accuse him without getting the fact. You need to install a spy software on his computer without him detecting so that you can get proof by tracking his online dating activities. Sometimes, he may not be cyber-cheating, but spying is a good way to discover that.

With the advent of the internet, most children have embraced online chatting to communicate with their various people online. As parents, you need to monitor your kid’s activities and find out who they are chatting with. Sometimes, employers need to investigate their employees and see if they are actually working effectively or they are playing around on the internet. The best way to do this is to install a spy software on their computers so that you can easily track their daily activities.

If you are looking for using this kind of software on Windows 10 we have a good article on finding the best keylogger for windows 10.  If you read this article you will have a better idea of how a good keylogger can work with your Windows 10 PC.

There are several computer spy software programs out there. You need to choose a good one with comprehensive and advanced features. Check out some characteristics of a good spy software below.

Characteristics of a good computer spy software

Easy to use

Many software applications have been designed to track computer activity but they are not easy to use. Most of these programs are not compatible with all versions of Windows such as XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. A good software should be compatible all operating system and must have a user-friendly interface so that users can easily use them.


A good computer spy software always stays hidden in the background and cannot be detected. What is the use of spying on people when they know you are spying on them? Invisibility is key to a good spy software. You wouldn’t want your cyber-cheating spouse or kids to know you are spying on them.

Take your records

As an employer, if you can’t use a spy tool to take records when you are not available in real-time, you wouldn’t even use such tool. A good spy software should be able to record every computer activity so that you can playback the video later.

The most sophisticated computer spy software that has these feature is PC Tattletale. With the spy software, you can easily download and install without being detected. The software captures every activity in screenshots and records them in a video. You can watch the activity via a playback video by logging into the website. You can even access the video from your smartphone remotely.

If you are looking for a suitable computer spy software, the best choice for you is PC Tattletale. You can try PC Tattletale free, it is easy to download and install.