standard how to monitor childrens computer


Are you wondering how to monitor childrens computer? If so then the good news is it is not that hard if you use the right tools.  The right tool should show you everything your children are doing on the computer.  […]

standard What Happened to eBlaster spy software?


eBlaster until recently was a popular computer monitoring software program from SpectorSoft (Veriato).  It gave users near-absolute control of computer and internet activity monitoring. The software was released on March 20, 2007.  eBlaster instantly became a favorite.  Especially for parents, business […]

standard The Hard Truth About Using A Keystroke Program


One question we always get asked at PC Tattletale is,”can any keystroke program capture facebook passwords?” The answer is yes. The simplest way of capturing passwords from social networking sites like facebook, twitter, or Linkedin is to use PC Tattletale. […]