standard pcTattletale Android Wifi And Cell Network Recording

pcTattletale can use a lot of data to send up all those screen shots to make the videos you watch.  For this reason we do not want it burning through all of their data plan unless you tell us it is OK.  By default pcTattletale will hold the videos on their phone until they are back in Wifi range.  Then it will send them up for you to view.

TIP: If you JUST put pcTattletale on their phone and do not see any videos this is likely why.

Sometimes Android thinks it is not on a Wifi connection when it really is.  Then pcTattletale holds the video recordings and you can not view them.  To fix this problem just turn the cell phone icon next to the phone’s name from gray to blue:

pcTattletale record on cell phone network

After you do this, simply unlock the phone for pcTattletale to see your new changes. Then tap the screen a few times to trigger some new screen shots.  When it sees this change pcTattletale will send you the screen shots no matter what. Even if they are using their cell phone signal and not Wifi.

TIP:  For troubleshooting just turn this feature on for a day to make sure this is not why you can not view the videos on the pcTattletale site.  You can easily change it back later.

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