standard Turn off 2 Factor Authentication

Apple’s 2 Factor Authentication is a way to protect devices and guarantees that the app or person has the device in their hands and therefore is the owner of the device.  It is a very powerful way to stop hackers.  pcTattletale can work with Apple’s 2 Factor Authentication turned on.  But you will have to get their phone in your hands every time you want to read their iCloud file and update pcTattletale.

By turning off Apple’s 2 Factor Authentication you will not need to enter the 2 Factor Authentication code when you add the device to pcTattletale.  You will not need to enter it when you update the device either:


After you turn off 2 Factor Authentication you will not need to enter a verification code or sign in again when you update their device.

Additionally pcTattletlae can not record GPS tracking with 2 Factor Authentication turned on.

We highly recommend turning off 2 Factor Authentication with your device so pcTattletale can access it and provide great GPS tracking.


How To Turn off 2 Factor Authentication

Just follow the steps below to turn off 2 Factor Authentication from your apple devices.  Then remove any devices from pcTattletale and re add them once 2 Factor Authentication has been turned off.

First sign into the iTunes account Here:


TIP:  If 2 Factor Authentication is turned on it will make a pop message on their device when you try to sign in.

After you sign in just pick “edit” in the security section:

Then pick “Turn off 2 factor authentication”:

TIP:  Apple made the decision that newer accounts can not have 2 Factor authentication turned off.  If you do not see the option below it is likely the case that the account is new and they no longer offer this functionality.

When you do this Apple will ask you make some basic authentication questions:


After you pick the questions with some answers it will be turned off.  Now they will not be notified when PC Tattletale connects to their iCloud backup.

If you have already added a device to pcTattletale made sure to remove it and then re-add it.  Keep in mind you do not need to type anything in to the “verification code” box since 2 factor authentication has been disabled.