standard How To Spy On Text Messages

spy on text messagesAre you anxious about your children spending all their time tapping away on their phones? Are you worried that your partner is invasive about their cellphone use and they don’t let you get near it? So you wish to gain the sense of peace that comes from knowing these types of things? Well, of course, you do. It’s our curiosity that makes us attain peace through the answers that we seek. Due to this reason, spy on text messages have become more and more popular. There are some methods through which you can spy on someone’s text messages.

Methods To Spy On Text Messages:

Method 1: Screenshot method:

In this method, the mobile spy application and keylogger software takes a screenshot of the text messages a person is sending and then those screenshots are forwarded to the server where they are saved for later review. A person can log into the dashboard and then they can see the screenshot. The screenshot includes the name of the contact and the entire message as well. Nowadays there are chats so that the screenshot may have other messages in it as well. You can get a slight idea regarding what type of conversation your child or spouse was having with the other party.

Method 2: Keystroke method:

Another effective way to spy on text messages of another person is the keystroke logger method. It not only records the text typed on SMS but also records each and everything the person types on their cell phone including Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. This method records every other thing typed on the device as well such as email, passwords, google searches, etc. All those keystrokes are sent to the person who installs the app on the phone of their child/spouse. This method may also help you use a keylogger to find a person’s password. As much as this method sounds interesting, it may seem scary if someone decides to use this against you.

Method 3: Screen mirroring method:

The third method is the screen mirroring method. This method mirrors the screen of another person to your device screen in real time. This way you get to know about everything that the other person is doing on their cell phone. This clones the screen of another person’s phone on your device no matter where they are. It is important for both parties to have an internet connection. Luckily almost everyone in the current times has an internet connection.

Other methods also include short screen videos and text message details. The text message details don’t include the entire text, but it does include the name and number of the contact to which the target person is sending the text along with the time stamp. This is the least controversial way as you are not invading the privacy to a very high level as the other methods. All these functions are also available at You can have smart remote monitoring through this on all types of devices including Apple devices.

The best method out there in the market that gives us all these mentioned functions is available at PC Tattletale. It gives you the peace of mind as well as all the spying facilities through one app. It is easy to use and easy to subscribe to.