standard Best Keylogger Program for Windows PCs

keylogger programA keylogger program is an important tool if you want to monitor activity on a Windows PC.

The keylogger software does this by keystroke tracking – recording all the taps on the keyboard to capture information that the user enters. The working principle is simple.  The keyboard is the primary input device for a Windows PC and capturing keystrokes will help to understand what the user is doing.

Keylogger Program: How it Works

At its most basic, the keylogger program will simply record all the keyboard strokes and reproduce it in text form for the person monitoring a PC.  You can see a keylogger article here: How to install a Key Logger.  Most programs send an email, or create a text report that the user can access.

While this approach worked well in the past, it will not succeed in the modern world because:

– Technological progress, for example, use of touchscreen devices, or speech-to-text programs,

– Changing surfing habits (most people use social media)

– Advanced browsers (most browsers can now remember a lot of information – such as usernames, passwords)

In other words, a modern user is using the keyboard for a much shorter time, and to enter much less information. This means that a keylogger program has less chance to capture all of the activity on the PC.

PC Tattletale: Keylogger Program with a Difference

Advanced keyboard capture software like PC Tattletale offer a solution.

PC Tattletale is a keylogger program with a difference. The key is in understanding that not all information enters through a keyboard, and some information remains safely hidden in browser memory.

When you use PC Tattletale, the software works on three levels to capture –

–  all the keystrokes (useful for recording emails, online chats)

–  information that the browser memory auto-enters (it does this in real-time)

–  screenshots in quick succession, creating a video that you can see to get a complete picture. (This helps in the case of recording social media use, or video chats)

The best part is, you can access all the recorded information in a centralized dashboard that you can access on any device and from anywhere in the world.

Are you looking for the best keylogger program for Windows PC? You should definitely try PC Tattletale.

It is free to download and use for one week. Download PC Tattletale today.