standard PC Tattletale for iOS Setup

In this article you will see how to have your iOS devices set up for PC Tattletale.  Before we get started there are a few things you need to know.  PC Tattletale for iOS works differently from other platforms.  There is no software to put on their device.  Instead, everything is doing through the iOS iCloud back up system.  This article shows you how to set up iCloud so PC Tattletale can read everything from it.

Setting up the Device

There is not much to setting up the iOS device.  Just make sure iCloud back is turned on.  Do this by going into settings and picking iCloud:

TIP:  You can only do these steps if you have access to their iOS device.


Once you pick iCloud make sure they at least have Contacts & Websites turned ON to back up:

Look for the “Back up” button right below Keychain.  Click it.

You can see when the last iCloud backup was taken.  It usually happens at night when the device has a Wifi connection.  You can run a back up right now if you want.  Just make sure it is turned on to do back ups:



Location Services

Let’s make sure location services are turned on.  Then pcTattletale will use GPS to track their every move all day long.

Click “Find my iPhone”


Make sure to turn on find my iphone:



There is nothing else to do with the device.  It is set up to record everything to PC Tattletale now.

Hooking up PC Tattletale to iPhone

The last step is to hook PC Tattletale up with your iOS device.  Then it can read the iCloud data from it.  This is easy to do.  Just sign into your PC Tattletale account and click the “dashboard” link at the top.  Then click “Add Device”:




Now choose iPhone or iPad:


Now you can enter the iCloud information:


How To Find the iOS Verification Code

You probably have Apple’s 2 factor authentication turned on.  It helps protect your account.  But it does require you to enter a verification code each time you want to update pcTattletale or add a new iOS device.  You can turn it off by reading this article:  How to Turn off 2 Factor Authentication for iPhone

TIP: We highly recommend turning off 2 Factor authentication. It will make iPhone work a lot easier with pcTattletale.


The First step is to pick the settings icon on their iphone:

Then click “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & Apps”:

Now select “Passwords and security”:


Next select “Get Verification Code”:

Write down the number.  You will need it to connect pcTattletale to the iPhone:

Finally just enter the verification code along with your iCloud username and password:

Now just pick the device:


Keep in mind your verification code will last around a day.  After that you will need get a new one by following the steps above each time you want to update pcTattletale.  For this reason we highly recommend turning off 2 Factor authentication.