standard Cell Phone Spy Software How it Works for Android and iPhone

Having functional cell phone spy software can be very helpful to different kinds of people. Parents can use such a software to monitor what their children are doing and the people they talk to. A person suspecting his or her spouse is not faithful can also use the software to monitor the spouse. Employers can also use the software to monitor their employees.

Best Cell Phone Spy Software is pcTattletale

One of the most effective and convenient to use spy software is PC Tattletale. This particular software is developed using state of the art design to ensure that it works effectively.  It provides its users with the right solutions.

This particular spy app is made in a way that it is compatible with almost all modern gadgets. The app is used on smart phones, tablets and computers among other similar and modern gadgets. To get the software one just needs to go to the official website. From the website you are required to create an account by filling in a few personal details. The next step is to download and install the application on the device you want to recorded. To access the content recorded by this app one just need to sign in to the created account. All this process takes just a few minutes and it is simple where almost anyone can get the software and use it effectively.

No Jail breaking or Rooting Required

Another reason that makes PC Tattletale the best cell phone spy software is that it does not require you  to jailbreak or root the device. This important because when a smart phone is rooted the manufacturer’s warranty will be void. Rooting and jail breaking also affects the performance of the device. Consequently, the fact that there is no jail breaking or rooting needed makes the process of getting the software even easier.

This particular application is also rated as the best cell phone spy software because it records everything. This means that the software records every stroke of the keys on the device it is recording. It gives one access to text messages, phone calls and web history. The recorded details are stored in a secure manner where they can easily be accessed. The data is stored with AES Encryption which is advanced encryption standard. The security of the data stored is also enhanced by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Furthermore, the videos recorded have high quality where everything can be seen conveniently. The videos have standard controls including video playback to enable the use view an entire day of recorded activities in just a few minutes. The recording are accessed remotely from any place at any time.

Get pcTattletale Today

PC Tattletale is also secure because it can not be detected. This means that no one will realize that anything is being recorded. This is a helpful aspect because the people being recorded will go on with their lives. This gives the person recording a perfect opportunity to record things which the other people do not think that they are being recorded. As a modern cell phone spy software, PC Tattletale can be used to monitor up to 3 devices for just $99. This is a reasonable price especially considering the many benefits one gets from using this particular software. Therefore, this application has the ability to help many different kinds of people know what their spouses, children and even employees are doing at all times and in a convenient manner.