standard Key Stroke Recording Programs: How They Work

key-stroke-recordingHave you ever wondered how key stroke recording programs work? Have you ever wanted to install the program on your computer? Keystroke recording programs are great tools used to keep track of your computer activity. The program or software is ideal for office and home use. Employers can use it to track their employees’ computer activity. Parents can also use it to watch their children’s online activities.

With keystroke recording programs, employers can log hours done by employees on specific projects. They can also keep watch on their employees’ computer activities to make sure they are actually working.

It is a normal thing for parents to be concerned about the safety of their children and what they are doing on their computer.  Especially when they are not around. They install key stroke recording programs to track if their children are not doing the wrong thing on the computer.  These can be things such as chatting with perverts or watching inappropriate videos.

No wonder many people are interested in using keystroke recording programs. But, understanding how they work is what they really want to know.

How Key stroke recording programs work

Key stroke recording programs are also called keystroke loggers. There are two types of keystroke loggers.  They are: hardware and software keyloggers. A hardware keylogger logs every activity including each key you press on your keyboard. A hardware intercepts signals from the keyboard and store them in the device. A software keylogger is easy to use.  All you need to do is to install keylogger software  on your computer. Hardware keyloggers are easy to detect. But you cannot easily detect software keyloggers if you did not install it.

When you install key stroke recording software on your computer, it runs hidden in the background. No one will even notice it.  It doesn’t display any telltale sign such as desktop or taskbar icons. The moment you start your computer the software starts running. The computer tracks every activity without the user noticing it. It records your keystrokes, mouse clicks, chat conversations, your screen activity, emails and all applications running. Some software stores all recordings on a remote server while some send them to your e-mail.

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