PC Software Monitoring:

Does your child play video games longer then you'd like?

Using PC Tattletale to monitor your child's online and PC activity you'll have a record of every program (or application) run used by your child when they are using the computer.

  • PC Tattletale records the name of each program, when that program was started and how long the program was active.

  • PC Tattletale even tells you WHICH windows were opened and USED. This "Windows Activity Log" lets you see all of the windows open up and used.

  • The PC Tattletale Program & Application Recorder allows you to quickly see every single program used by your children and take action if necessary.

    For example what if they downloaded a new program or game that you don't want on that machine?

Programs monitored

With PC Tattletale you'll see what they did and which programs have been used or ADDED to your child's computer. Using PC Tattletale you'll see:

  • Every software program used or installed.

  • The day and time the software programs were launched.

  • The the total amount of time a software program was "Active."

  • Which Windows user logged on when the application was started.

You can even save the logs of the all the applications run to a Excel or .cvt file for your own records or to use as "proof" that your child was online when they shouldn't be.

Our Promise To Parents Is Simple:

PC Tattletale will give you valuable insight into your child's behavior online, and the peace of mind to know exactly where they are surfing online & what kind of content they are trying to access. If not, return it for a full refund.

PC Tattletale is backed by our 100% money back guarantee!

Take control of your child's online experiences and keep them safe.

PC Tattletale Parental Control Software

Use this Internet Monitoring Software and you'll never need to guess.

Order your copy of PC Tattletale today.

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Note: Your purchase of one (1) PC Tattletale registration key lets you
use the software on TWO computers at NO extra charge!

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