standard Hidden Spy Apps for Android

hidden spy apps for androidHidden spy apps for Android are becoming increasingly popular with parents and employers.  It can even be used in cases where you think an employee is stealing from your company.   You may not know it but android spy apps can be a very powerful way to see where your kids or employees are at and what they are doing on the phone.

In this blog post we will cover what you need to know about hidden spy apps for Android.  I will show you what is possible and what is not possible when it comes to spying on someone’s Android phone.  By the end of this blog post you will have a much better understanding on how to hide android spy apps and what you can expect from them.

Hidden Spy Apps For Android What You Must Know

We get a lot of questions about spying on Android phones ever day here at pcTattletale.  But the single biggest question we get is:

Can I send them a text message and start spying on them?

In theory you could do this.  The only problem is they are going to have to install an app and give it lots of permissions to do the Android Spying.  You need to remember that Google thinks a lot about this when they design Android.  I will bet it is at the top of the list: Prevent Android from being hacked.

Now if anyone could send you a text message and start spying on you that would be a huge problem for Android.  We would all hear about it on the news.  Somebody would start mass texting all of us and spying on our phones.

Hopefully you can see why just sending a text message will not work for hidden spy apps for Android.

The best way to use hidden spy apps for android is to get access to their phone and install a spying app.  Preferably you will not need to root their phone and void their warranty.  In the next section I will show you how to use pcTattletale as a hidden spy app for Android.  You can sign up for a free account and follow along too.



pcTattletale Hidden Spy App for Android

pcTattletale is one of the most powerful hidden spy apps for android you can get. It is the best spy app without rooting. The reason is because it works so much differently from every other spy app out there.  Plus you do not need to root the phone.  You can just download and install the app like any other app and it will start spying on them.  The best part is it is hidden so they will not find it.

The first step is to download the app and install it on their phone.  You can just do the URL below from their phone and download the app:

hidden spy app for Android


TIP:  The pcTattletale is not called pcTattletale but rather “security services”.  I will tell you why later.


When you download the app it will probably complain the our spy app did not come from the Google Play store.  No worries.  Just check the box “Allow Unknown” sources like the screen shot below.  Then you can install the app:

Android allow unknown sources for spy apps

As you install pcTattletale we will ask you set various permissions on their phone.  This is what lets the apps do all the spying (I will show you how it works later).  Just follow through the setup screens and agree to allow the permissions.

Eventually you will be asked to create a free account using your email:

pcTattletale Android make free account

Now that the account is created pcTattletale will start recording everything they do on the phone.  If you have a newer Android phone there will be a few pop up messages and icons you need to get rid of.  That way the app will be completely hidden.  Click the button below to see our full setup guide.

For a complete setup guide and to see how to make the pcTattletale Android spy app completely hidden click the link below.  Towards the bottom we show you how to remove any warnings, icons, or things that will just not look right to the user.




How Hidden is the pcTattletale Spy App?

You may notice a new icon on your phone’s desktop.  This is a little different spying on a computer.  But the icon  It will disappear after a few seconds.  We have done a few tricks to keep pcTattletale hidden.  The first one is we do not call it pcTattletale.

Unfortunately there are parts of Android that list out every single app on the phone.  There is just no way around it.  So by calling the app “Security Services” instead, the person you are watching is less likely to notice it.  In fact the only place where you could see pcTattletale is in the app list deep in the Android settings:

If you went through our pcTattletale Android setup guide and removed any icons or popups like we show you then you can rest at ease that they will not see the Android spy app you put on the phone.  Now with the app recording lets see what you get.

Viewing the Spy App Activity

pcTattletale sends their activity up to a secured storage system in “the cloud”.   We use SSL and AES encryption so you know your data is safe.  The good news is you will not need to open or touch their phone to see what they did.  You just need to use the free account you made earlier and sign into the pcTattletale website.

Log Into Your pcTattletale Account Click Here

TIP:  You can sign into the pcTattletale website from any computer, smart phone, or tablet to view what we recorded.

After you sign into your free pcTattletale account you will see the Android device listed in your dashboard.  You can rename the device if you want and even add more of them.

NOTE: pcTattetale can also spy on Windows PCs or iPhones and you can add them all to your dashboard.

pcTattletale spy app


GPS Location Tracking

Just click on the Android phone’s name and you can either see their activity or where they went on a map with the location tracker:

pcTattletale Android screen selection

Pick the Activity icon and you will see pcTattletale made a little “YouTube” like video of you setting up the phone.  There should be a few frames in there that you can see by pressing the play button in the video player:

Notice the screen shot above has an activity chart on the bottom.  Yours has one too but there is probably not very much activity yet.  Just know you can use this to see how active they are.  You can even click on the bars to advance yourself far into the video.

TIP: Use the progress bar at the bottom of the video to skim through it quickly

Another cool thing you can try is to hold their phone in one hand and start browsing around on the web.  Then click the “live” button in the video player:

SnapChat Spy app real time

Notice you can see what is happening on the phone in real time as you are doing it.  pcTattletale lets you watch them live.

By default pcTattletale will start erasing videos after 7 days.  But maybe you want to keep the video longer.  No problem.  Just click the video download link and we will convert the video to MP4 format.  You can download it and keep it forever.

Save Cheating Android App evidence

Go back to the dashboard and pick the phone’s name again.  Now click the location tracker icon.  Notice pcTattletale is logging your GPS location.  We request Android’s “fine location” setting and try to get you the most accurate location that Android will give us.  pcTattletale will log the phone’s location each time they unlock it and every 15 min.

Android Phone Tracker App

As you can see pcTattletale records both where they are at and what they doing on their phone.  With this you will have a very powerful hidden spy app for Android that will show you everything they do and everywhere they go.  Without them ever knowing.

Use Hidden Spy Apps For Android Today

We offer pcTattletale as a free trial so you can get started with it fast.  Plus you will see that it is not that hard to set up and it really works.  The free trial lasts as long as you want it.  But it will limit your videos to the first 200 frames.  Just purchase it to see the entire video.  I recommend you put pcTattletale on your own Android phone first (if you have one).  That way it gives you a practice run to see how it all works.  So what are you waiting for?  Get started today by click the button below.