step_01 1

Sign Up & Make Your Account

Purchase pcTattletale and create your account. Then sign into the website (step 3) to remotely watch what they do.

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Install on Employee Workstations

Use your special download link to put the secret pcTattletale recording software on their workstations. The special pcTattletale recording app is hidden and installs just like any other windows application. You will need access to their workstation to install pcTattletale.

step_01 3

Remotely Monitor Your Staff

The pcTattletale recording app makes videos of them working throughout the day. It records all logins from different accounts once installed. Just login and watch the videos from pcTattletale's web dashboard.

#1 Employee Monitoring Solution
Monitor Up to 3 Devices only $299 for one year.
Additional Workstations - $99 each.
60-day Money Back

Yes - pcTattletale will record everyone who logs into the machine. Even if they have a different login.

Yes. Both monitors are mixed together in the same video. Which ever monitor they are working on is the one you will see.

No. pcTattletale runs in the background and will not alert them that they are being tracked by you.

With your initial purchase you can monitor up to 3 devices at the same time. You can easily add more devices for a small fee.

Yes. pcTattletale needs to be installed like any other appplication. You will need access to their computer (even if through remote access software) to quickly install the special recording app.