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standard SpectorSoft Alternative for Spy Software and Keylogging

Are you looking for SpectorSoft alternatives for computer spying and keylogging? You should consider PC Tattletale – a PC monitoring software that has loads of features, is more affordable, is much easier to install and use, and, most importantly, it actually […]

standard Webwatcher: Does It Really Work?

  There are several spy or monitoring software programs out there such as PC Tattletale, PC Pandora, Gecko Monitor, Webwatcher and others. Not all are as effective as they should be, and some have poor products that may not work […]

standard how to monitor childrens computer

Are you wondering how to monitor childrens computer? If so then the good news is it is not that hard if you use the right tools.  The right tool should show you everything your children are doing on the computer.  […]