Employee Stealing

standard Employee Data Theft – 5 Shocking Statistics

5 shocking statitics for employee data theft

Employee data theft is on the rise.  Do you think your business suffers from employee data theft?  See if these 5 shocking statistics about employee data theft are happening at your place of business.     You can watch the […]

standard How To Catch An Employee Stealing From Your Company

Do you suspect one of your employees is stealing from your company?  If so you are not alone.  Employee theft is quite common.  After the 2020 pandemic working from home is more popular than ever.  New trends like “quite quitting” […]

standard Time Theft Detector – Employee Monitoring Software | Time Theft Detector

Employee’s stealing time from the company is a serious problem. If you have an employee earning $10 an hours who steals a few minutes out of the day they can cost your business hundreds if not thousands of dollars a […]